Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wow, those Tamil Tigers (LTTE) are HUGE!

     I mean, the Sri Lankan Defense Department says 700 Tamil Tigers are holding 100,000+ Tamils and using them as human shields.  I guess each Tiger is just stapling 1000 Tamils to himself.

     Lots of foreign governments are saying 'Hey, Sri Lanka, ease up a bit, you are killing lots of innocent people' (they also said this many times about the U.S. in Iraq?) but Sri Lanka is like 'No way, Jos&eacut;, we aren't stopping till we have Papa tried and hung.'  Papa, to the Tamil, is Velupillai Prabhakaran, the rebel leader for many years.

     I have to admit, with the relative success of the campaign (99%(?!?) of rebel held territory captured, according to the article) I'd be disinclined to stop, myself.  After all, that's a Sinhala country now, and the Tamil can just learn to live with being a permanent minority, or get killed if they aren't so inclined.  Sounds peachy, no?

BULLSHIT ALERT: Stories are saying the LTTE is reduced to 300 sq. km, and this story says they Sri Lankans have captured 99% of rebel territory, which, roughly, means the rebels had 30,000 sq. km, but Sri Lanka is only 65,525 sq. km, but the LTTE never held even nearly half of the land of Sri Lanka.

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