Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Attack Planned?

     Those who follow the news might heave learned that Friday evening is the time to break "bad" news, because fewer people are paying attention.  If you get to wait as long as you want, between the celebration of the birthday of dead Jesus and the end of the year in the calendar based on dead Jesus's birth is the time to bury a news story.  This sort of thing is surprisingly common, no matter the location. 

     Certain people in the Gaza strip (total population > 1,000,000) fire small rockets into Israel.  I think three people have died, and another dozen have been injured, in the 1000s of rocket attacks launched since Hamas took over Gaza.  Israel is now threatening to invade Gaza, perhaps during this news lull, because of the (relatively) meaningless acts of a few.  Of course the rocket attacks should not be ignored, but many, many suicide bombers have done more damage over the years.  What's more important, and what the Isreaelis have always done is allow the actions of a few to justify retaliatory strikes against the many.  For example, it has been alleged that a Corporal (G. Shalit) in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) was kidnapped.  Israel, in retaliation, bombed the electricity power generation facility that served 600 to 900 thousand people.  I don't deny there is a strong possibility that the kidnappers were on that electric grid, but, we all know damn well that the other 599,995 to 899,995 people had nothing to do with it, but paid anyway.  I've said for a long time that Israel is being very stupid in expecting the Palestinian governments preventing any single Palestinian attacking any Israeli.  No offense, but if Israel can justify aerial bombardment with expectation of civilian casualties with any single attack, then certainly they are expecting the Palestinian government to control 100% of its citizens.  I expect better of Israel.

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