Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The Stupidest Government Plan In The History Of Earth, Courtesy of Israel
Let me start by telling you why they tell Polish jokes, and why they ought not.
Why do "they" tell Polish Jokes? Believe it or not, it dates back to the middle ages (1500s), and a Form Of Government that was basically a large Oligarchy of Princes. The Princes, undoubtedly noble personages who had carriages and castles and were good on horseback (as a general rule), well, that type of person, had a VETO over the power of the King. Here is a too technical discussion of the power of these magnates. To show that the Polish people were in fact powerful and progressive, not that they helped reintroduce ELECTIONS onto the European continent, when every other bug-eating, hovel-living european was content to let BLOODLINES determine rulership. Who was really stupid? I say it was the Germans, English, French and Spanish. Poland was the lynchpin in returning Europe from the dark ages to the world of elections.  Poland's government was, obviously, a threat to the rest of Monarchical Europe, because it gave political power to such a vast group of people (perhaps as much as 10% of the population).  But, more relevantly to the jokes, it was kinda dumb to have that many people have a veto.  When one extends the logic to say "any people with such a stupid government must be stupid themselves," one gets Polish Jokes, haunting the noble Poles now for almost half a Millenia.  By the way, Poland's Solidarity Trade Union Movement, which began in 1980, was the _real_ attack on the Soviet Union.  It was BEFORE Ronald "Five Rape Allegations" "Drug Dealer" "Iranian Arms Dealer" "The 1st Internationally Convicted Terrorist" Reagan got on the scene.  In simpler terms, Poland helped end the Dark Ages and Soviet Tyranny.
How is Israel similarly stupid, and therefore worthy of our enduring ridicule (and, considering the violence that results from their stupidity) and scorn? Israel and Palestine are trying to come to some sort of peace deal, and they basically have been trying to do this for the last 55 years. Only since 1967 has this become the center of a lot of violence. The peace deals proffered by the party with power, Israel, have always been contingent on the lack of violence by any 1 of the 3-5 million Palestinians in the area. This, effectively, gives a veto over the peace process to 100% of the community.
If a veto by 10% of the community is considered stupid enough to be the cause for the Polish people to be the butt of jokes for over 500 years, how stupid is Israel? Very, very stupid. Either that, or they _know_ what they are doing, and therefore are very, very evil. I really don't know whether or not they can step back and see what they are doing, or whether their hands are tied by political and religious realities of their Parliamentary Theocratic Republic (which was so corrupt that in 1991 they had to reform their Constitution, providing for direct elections of the Prime Minister). There is no doubt, however, that providing a veto to any single Palestiniant with a bomb is the stupidest thing any Government can, or perhaps has ever, done.

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