Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NY Times, Ignorant Fascists or Plutocratic Tools: You Decide

As everyone's noticed over the last couple years, figures from the Limbaughs to Governor Charlie Crist to President Bush seem dead set on picking Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.  The Radosh has found that the NY Times is even pimping for these left-wing-king-maker-wannabees.  See, Richard Mellon Scaife has come out for Hillary:
“I have a very different impression of Hillary Clinton today,” he wrote in an opinion article published Sunday, amid her campaign for president. “And it’s a very favorable one indeed.”

His sudden conversion from fervid Clinton basher to lukewarm Clinton fan occurred after Mrs. Clinton, a Democratic senator from New York, sat down for a 90-minute interview with reporters and editors of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, a newspaper owned by Mr. Scaife, the billionaire heir to the Mellon banking fortune.
Of course, if he really was having a "sudden conversion" (Paul to Tarsus?) he wouldn't have had the same damn conversion last year!.  From the February 2007 NY Times
Christopher Ruddy, who once worked full-time for Mr. Scaife investigating the Clintons and now runs a conservative online publication he co-owns with Mr. Scaife, said, “Both of us have had a rethinking.” “Clinton wasn’t such a bad president,” Mr. Ruddy said. “In fact, he was a pretty good president in a lot of ways, and Dick feels that way today.”

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