Sunday, April 06, 2008

Who is Obama, really?

Wait, I haven't checked in simply years! I knew it!. The title of that article is "Are Americans So Bored With Reality Television They'd Put a Black Islamic Extremist in the White House?"

More to the point, and possibly factual, and possibly total bullshit, is this account of Obama snorting some of the dread white powder, cocaine.  I tried it once.  The funny part of the story is where the two guys I knew (but ended up not liking) had gone up into an apartment to wait for the dealer, while I was waiting outside, leaning against a car, doing beatbox.  Three guys came by and two of them went up, while one of the guys says something like "I'm going to be out here with this guy." So he leans against the car and starts doing beatbox with me.  Some time later he shows me has some coke.  I'd never seen it before except in the movies and this one time, at band camp (met).  Larger than marble sized balls of powder.  Yes, he was the dealer my friends had been waiting for.  I ended up going up with him, where I met a guy who looked exactly like Kurt Cobain and sounded like Crispin Glover, he was managing the Pioneer Square Theatre at the time, Seattle's biggest rock venue.

Since the topic of cocaine doesn't come up that often on this blog (Read I'll also throw in this youtube humor.

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