Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Petraeus Hearing Review

Crocker: US Funded Reconstruction is Basically Over, Deal With It (opening statement and response to Nelson)
Petraeus: Surge must remain open ended (response to Levin)
Petraeus: We separate out some of our twenty three thousand prisoners and we call these people "irreconcilables" (response to Inhofe)
Nelson, Collins and Bayh (all centrists) perhaps others, want Iraqis to pay more of our operational costs.
Petraeus: Support of American People "absolutely wonderful" specifically "all American citizens" which includes me.
Obama had the best question.  He asked something like "if there were no US troops in Iraq and the security situation was just like this, could we call it a success?" but then he hedged, and said something like "if only a few battalions were in Iraq".
McCain made the Shia/Sunni mistake about Al-Qaeda again, and fairly smoothely corrected himself.
Per usual, I was not satisfied with the American Senators.

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