Friday, August 08, 2008

My Surmise

America pushed through the "Rose Revolution" in Georgia at a relative high-point.  The total morass that has become the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not yet horrible. 

The recent actions are basically the natural rollback of that overstretch.  Face it, America has no connection to the Georgian (or South Ossetian, or Abkhaz) people.  I don't get the impression that all Georgians are unequivocally of the opinion that they are glad it happened.

So, the conclusion?  Saakashvili will not remain as Georgian President, instead a pro-Russian Georgian will be placed in office.

Well, that's my guess, but unless America is willing to really push (with our armies in Iraq and Afghanistan?  We simply don't have the bodies!), Georgia is a tiny country on the border of mighty Russia, and the result is inevitable.

I still don't think Russia will invade Georgia proper with land troops unless Georgia (ludicrous!) tries to invade Russia, or starts exterminating Russians living in Georgia.

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