Friday, August 08, 2008

Russia Today calling Georgia the invader, and gross violator of human rights

Officially, of course, South Ossetia is part of Georgia.  RT journalists saying Georgia used the Olympics as a cover.  Sorry I mostly have the Russian perspective here.  They are saying Georgia is engaged in "gross aggression" against "civilians."  RT's American apparatchik is telling Russia to escalate the violence.

This article is an analysis of South Ossetian issues in 2006.  It puts forward the idea that Saakashvili can not maintain him and his party in power unless he retakes control of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  This is also from the Russian perspective, includes many, many experts.  Again, however, this is a 2006 view.

At the conspiracy theorist level, it useful to see this quote: "At the time of the Rose Revolution, the kneejerk anti-America crowd squawked about how it was all the work of the CIA and George Soros. Now [Dec 2007] Saakashvili is squawking about how the current wave of protest is all the work of Russian secret agents."

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