Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gender Equity Bible Thumpers?

No one has mentioned, on the news, the sexist macho jock assholes of the Republican Party, and no one has mentioned that there are millions of Christians in America (other religions? sure) who don't just "believe" in patriarchy, they live it.  Considering that McCain turned 72 today, how many of them would want a woman President when they firmly believe women are weaker and should be given orders?

And here is another group of "likely Republicans," who, along with the sexist pigs and the sexist Christians who might not dig the idea of a female President... the MILITARY.  I was happy/proud to find that there was a healthy dose of anti-racism in the Marine Corps.  I doubt it extends to every nook and cranny of the whole organization, but it was real.  On the issue of WOMEN, however, no attempt was ever made to correct the gross, blatant and incessant misogyny.

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