Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bush Regurgitates Old Lies on Iraq's Fifth Anniversary

CNN Idiocracy: The whole time it said "LIVE" in the upper right corner and "HAPPENING NOW" over the chiron.  Aaaah!

The ironic part was that Bush was simply rehashing the innumerable old events, he even brought up September 11th and that we caught Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, as if that has anything to do with Iraq!

If I ever take an IQ test and it comes out lower than it did before, I will know a big problem was that I listened to waaaay too many George Walker Bush speeches.

When Bush says the terrorist will take over Iraq's oil if America leaves, other than sounding completely outrageous on the face of it, I have to wonder if anyone else is thinking "Yeah, we know how well you've done predicting what is going to happen in Iraq so far."

Someday, someone with more resources than I currently have will do a study of Bush speeches, and see how often he repeats the same exact phrases and clauses. 

Worst President Ever.

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