Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kyra Phillips of CNN, Goverment Tool

From start to finish, it was nothing more than what the Bush administration wanted you to hear, even when directly asked about the hardship of Iraqis, she performed as a dutiful Bush stooge.

This morning she appeared dressed in something like Viet Nam era Army battle fatigues.  She was wearing an army green baseball cap with the letters CNN on the front.  She declared that since she could do the story in front of a particular stadium, that it was a sign of "progress."  In case anyone was actually paying attention, the only vehicles in the background were parts of military formations.  In other words, there was "progress" in a place without civilians, only the military.  After trumpeting the so-called "progress," she was asked a rather direct question about electricity and other basic needs of actual Iraqis.  She skipped providing any facts, and acknowledged things weren't perfect, but then immediately made it about "corruption" that was "creeping in," as if the expats Bush put in power weren't mostly self-serving, power hungry petty warlords in the first place, and then she had the fucking audacity to declare that the "real problem" was Iran.  Of course she should be fired, and perhaps banned from journalism.  Is Iran stopping anyone in Iraq from getting safe drinking water?  There is a good chance she is just stupid and ignorant and someone told her the real problem was Iran, so she repeated it, and that means she could be a good spokesperson, she has a nice smile and doesn't stutter.  But a journalist?  NEVER!

And, like so many other news organizations are doing, CNN said the maximum number of Iraqi civiliation casualties was "almost ninety thousand."

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