Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kyra Phillips Gets Suprise Interview With Petraeus After This Mornings Kissassery

Still wearing here fatigues (see below) and perhaps because she was wearing her fatigues (and more likely was spewing the Bush party line) Kyra Phillips got an exclusive interview with General David Petreaus.  Not only was it exclusive, it was a surprise.  CNN had, as late as 9:30AM this morning, scheduled other material for that same time slot.

Like her performance this morning, she harped on Iran and corruption, there was no discussion (that I saw, I missed the beginning) about Iraqis.  Petraeus was being realistic when he called Iraq's security challenges "innumerable" but he dipped into the speculative a bit when he started talking about Iran.  Iran/Iraq cross-border smuggling predates this war, it is a big business, through the mountains, and tough to stop.  However, I regret when the fingers get pointed directly at the Iranian government's highest echelons.  I'm not actually saying they aren't involved at all, but the constant implication is that we are 100% sure they are 100% responsible for their border. Please remember 100s of thousands of people (at least) cross our border every year in both directions and we are supposedly #1.  Iran is supposed to become the world's top border cop because it suits American interests? 

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