Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let's Pretend You Aren't a Religious Rightwinger

     Ralph Reed is, based on my limited knowledge, the founder of the Astro-Turf wing of the Religious Right.  This involves sending incendiary mailings to right wingers "Do you want Americans to abort Jesus to pay for Health Care for Muslims?" combined with fund raising requests.

     Ralph Reed recently published a book called "Dark Horse."  The book, in case you were wondering, is about an evil black man becoming the President of the United States.  He wins because the Evangelicals leave the Republicans, splitting the "conservative" vote.

     He even writes how the Democratic nomination process went all the way to the Convention.

     Talking about the book on August 17th, 2008, Ralph Reed says he believes a major party Vice-Presidential candidate will be a woman.  It really sounds like he knows it is going to be Sarah Palin.

     By the way, "economic conservatives" are for less government intervention in the economy, but "social conservatives" are for more government intervention in your personal life.  One of the two, depending on your country of origin, should be called the "liberal" position.  In foreign countries, liberals are for free markets.  So, maybe they should be called "liberal on economics, conservative on social issues."  The reverse is true in America.


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