Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mix It Up

     The election is coming close, and some right wingers are convinced that the election of the Terrorist Obama means the end of America.

     Please visit a right wing website and act sane.  Don't tackle a site that has too many comments (like Little Green Footballs) since you won't be able to keep up.  Like Daily Kos for lefties, that site is for true believers.  Find a blog with few or no commenters.

     I spent a long time at Art Chrenkoff's blog, and was called a "one man comment insurgency" during the first years of the Iraq War for my regular attempts to keep the war-mongers at least tententiously connected to reality. 

     Don't pick fights, don't insult people, just fact check them.  Oh, they'll say, the Bush tax cuts were good for the economy, the middle class is doing great (seriously, I heard that _today_).  Well, the census department has labor statistics.  For all races, for income in 2000, the table is here.  It shows median income was 42,151.  For 2007 income the median income is 50,233.  Inflation adjusted 42,151 in 2007 dollars, according to the BLS is 50,753.  The median income has declined during the Bush years.

     Maybe you just want to join me?  I'm fighting over at a website called "NewsBusters.  My account name is Josh SN.  I only participate in some posts.  I'm doing fine, but I can't cover all their posts. 

     UPDATE: At least go by and check out how bad things really are.  NewsBusters is "important" because these people are covered by News.Google.Com

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