Sunday, October 12, 2008

Governor Palin, Trooper Wooten and the Moose

A moose, still dead, finds it tragic, that his own death, a criminal matter, was only important as part of campaign of vengeance in the aftermath of a divorce proceeding.

Todd Palin met with Walter Monegan in the first few days of the Palin administration and the only topic was Trooper Wooten.  Todd presented Monegan with a bunch of papers, including pictures of a dead moose.  Monegan agreed to review the documentation, to see if anything about the Wooten investigation had been mishandled.

Trooper Wooten shot and killed a moose wihtout a permit.  We know this because the Governor's sister (his then wife, and moose-killing permit holder) was standing right next to him.  Another person with first hand knowledge of the incident was Sarah Palin's father, who butchered said moose, which remains, to the present day, very dead.

After the review Monegan told Todd Palin that normally a charge wouldn't be filed, because a permit-holder was present, and if charges were filed, they'd also have to charge Sarah's sister and Sarah's dad.

This from pages 16-23 of the 263 Branchflower report(pdf) on allegations of Palin's abuse of power.

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