Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who said I couldn't?

     So I am reviewing the 1876 Tilden/Hayes election.  People point it out, the ignorant weasels, as an example when the Popular vote winner(51-48) was not the Electoral College winner (185-184).

     Personally, it is an odd election for me.  The Democrat represented the racist South, but he was probably ripped off.  Who was more intelligent?  Who was more competent (hussein), I can't say.

     This website has a great rundown, and this quote.  You need to recall that the media enterprises have their own institutional interests.  I pointed out before that they want the race to appear close.  They are legally obligated to make money.
During the Electoral College controversy, both political camps hurled accusations, debate sometimes reached a fever-pitch, and General William Sherman ordered four artillery companies to the nation’s capital to maintain order. The crisis sent newspaper sales soaring, although responsible commentators tried to quiet fears of renewed civil war.
(emphasis mine)

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