Friday, February 21, 2014

Eskimo Words For Snow

     That's nothing, we have more than a 1,000 words for the colors of the rainbow.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Coping: What I Think I Learned Going to the Hospital

     I am not a doctor. This is definitely not medically approved advice.  I was lucky to be born with a super-high IQ, but that lets me notice things, it doesn't make me right.  When I was a teenager, one TV show that really had me thinking was Connections.  The host asked if you know what it would look like if the Sun was spinning around the Earth, like people used to think?  It would look +exactly+ the same.  So, I am just saying I could have exactly the wrong answer, even if it all looks right to me.

     At the hospital yesterday I got two liters of IV fluids, drank three ice and contrast filled cups (for a CAT scan to rule out an obstruction), had some Protonix (a PPI) put in my line, and was, like it or not, fasting.  I was on an NPO (no food) order.

     Like a lot of people suffering from gastro-paresis, I've learned a bunch of tricks in the last 10 months to help my digestion along: lots of little meals, avoid cold liquids, a Coke can dissolve foods, avoid anything I can't chew to mush.  I even stopped my very large PPI prescription (scleroderma GERD is unstoppable), to encourage stomach acids so I could break down food.

     I had gone to the hospital because I had been throwing up pretty much everything for almost 5 days.  My stomach felt "sour."  It seemed like anything I put in it became sour, too.  And it hurt most of the time, of course, so much I couldn't sleep at all.

     What did I do in the hospital?  Instead of eating, I was fasting.  Instead of warm liquids, I was drinking them ice-cold.  Instead of foods with as much nutrition as I could handle, I was having flavored water.  Instead of avoiding a PPI, I was getting one.

     In my 10 bad months I had learned all the ways to make my stomach GO, and so always used them, even when I should have been telling my stomach to STOP.

     So, the next time my stomach goes "sour," and I can't seem to hold down anything, I'm going to try the same formula: fast for a while, have a PPI, drink nearly-frozen, no calorie drinks... and maybe it will sort of clear my stomach, reset it.

     Fingers crossed!  And, if you try it, I hope it works for you, too!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Just in case

     Somewhere in the Spirit of Laws Montesquieu writes about a society where the single guys who had made the biggest contribution to society would get their pick of the ladies.  That's obviously impossible to organize and completely sexist, but I felt like I wanted to deserve the best, I wanted to make the single biggest contribution to humankind of my generation.

     I think, in retrospect, working on hunger would have been better.  I was too political, so I thought of tackling war.  As I've written before, first I thought, after watching the PBS Frontline episode "The Jesus Factor," that it really was a religious thing to our leaders, as it certainly was to al-Qaeda.  Then, however, investigating terrorism, Google gave me other ideas.  I'd search for Basque, and I'd get the people and the language.  I'd google Chechen, Uyghur and Tamil and get the same thing.  I learned the Pashtun, Kurds, Somali and Ruanda-rundi speakers were all carved up by the Europeans.  I learned the Caucasus mountain range was filled with small, isolated branches of a smallish, isolated language family.

     So, my contribution is found at

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Fuck former Secretary Gates, the idiot

     Joe Biden was wrong on every foreign policy issue of the 40 years, Mr. Gates?

     I suppose he is including being for SALT II, being against Reagan's misreading of SALT I, being for sanctions against apartheid South Africa while the Reagan administration wanted normal relations with them...

     Fuck the media for repeating and repeating this idiotic fucking claim of Robert Gates, while not even hinting at what Biden's errors might have been.

     Perhaps it was for meeting Slobodan Milosevic and calling him a "damn war criminal" to his face?

     Fucking idiot Robert Gates. <-- Do not click, link to Amazon's page for "Dookie," Robert Gates new book.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mexican Energy Market, 12/19/13

     Hosted by the Atlantic Council

     Why to be against current Mexican energy market reform.

     David Goldwyn, energy consultant and former State Department Coordinator for International Energy Affairs (Obama administration), gives away the secret, the new energy bill from Mexico is actually a fantastic deal for any oil companies with "basic enhanced oil recovery."

     I mean, a massive oil company, state run or not, should have such "basic" skills, so shouldn't be selling it all at a favorable price.

     These fields Goldwyn calls "bitten apples," fields where PEMEX already worked there and took off the high pressure oil.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Movie idea and background, Vampires

     The legend of vampires comes from aliens, and I say this for two reasons.

     One, as I fully know, human blood is an incredibly laxative.  If a human, or mutated human, drinks a human's worth, or even half, they will be stuck on the can for a day.

     Two, it is easy to imagine that an alien's eyes don't see the exact same spectrum as human eyes.  The reason why silver reflects is that we can't see the color of silver, it is outside our range.  If one had some other eyes, one could see the color of silver, and so that person couldn't see their reflection in a mirror. Not quit the same as not having a reflection, but pretty close.

     Of course, this would be a period piece, set in Eastern Europe, during the last, maximal, days of Ottoman control over that period.

     Such an alien could only plausibly be a tourist, or stopping by our planet for a meal.

     Being an alien could easily explain why direct sunlight was unpleasant, but not burning.  Either the eyes or the skin could be at fault.

     A good reason why a stake through the heart works could be that the alien has good self-healing, but such a large trauma to the heart, regardless of it being a wooden stake or not, is just too much.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Which side is behaving in a partisan fashion

[Rules Committee Member, Jim McGovern (D-MA)]: I think a lot of your members
who have expressed to me privately
their frustration over the fact that we're in this mess
would appreciate the government opening
while you negotiate something with the Senate.

[Rules Committee Chairman, Pete Sessions, (R-LA)] I appreciate this discussion
and I would say on behalf of the majority
what we think we are doing here today
is probably some straight line Republican viewpoints.
And I do understand
that because we are in the majority
we are going to use probably our best ideas first
the things which we wholeheartedly support
and I would just say
if we pass this bill
it'll arm our negotiators
our leadership with a chance
as they meet with the President today.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

L&P in the News - Fighting by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria

     The northern parts of Nigeria are in a totally different linguistic group, Afro-Asiatic->Chadic->Hausa than the heavily populated parts of Nigeria, which are a variety of Niger-Congo->Atlantic-Congo

     Naturally this makes effective communication between the regions difficult, and the efficacy of rules promulgated in Atlantic-Congo languages in Hausa lands doubtful.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Language and Peace: Some Research from Google

     . Includes some beautiful graphs.

     What do I see? That German seems to be a very central language (first graph) without a very strong bias (does not appear in graph which shows 50x overlinkage).  Hindi is clearly isolated, perhaps feeling set upon by its language conscious government.  Officially? Why not German as the global language?  It is a great language for philosophy.  The Nazi past is problematic, but they, above most others, seem to be dealing with it, and it isn't like English does not have its own, imperialist present.

Language and Peace in the News: Catalan

     Catalan, while a Romance language, is not Spanish.

     The NY Times reports a million Catalonians joined hands to press for secession.  It is unclear what percentage are Catalan-speakers, but clearly this secession event maps perfectly to the thesis of Language & PeaceSee the Catalonia page for more.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm not sure if Ben Bernanke is being stupid, or knows he's being evil.

     Interest rates are low, which is great for most large corporations.

     Unemployment rates are high, which is good for most large corporations.

     What the Federal Reserve Board, and Chair Ben Bernanke, have said, in no uncertain terms, is that the interest rates will go back up if the unemployment rates go down.

     So, any rational, large corporation will try not to hire anyone in order to keep interest rates low.

     And Ben Bernanke pretends this is supposed to help unemployment rates?  Is he stupid, or just evil?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wish I Could Find the Montesquieu Quote...

     Something about a people, once (oppressed or conquered or something bad) who have the tables turned for them, so they are now on top, behave in a certain way.

     Yeah, me, too.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


     Between nothing and war lie options.

     One option might have multiple uses, and still have uses if a military option becomes the only option.

     One such option might be to set up a large media source, near SY, and lend it to the rebel voices to broadcast. Benefits during operation include:

  • Allows Syrian people, and foreigners, to get to know rebels
    • for future elections
    • to know if they might want to support them
    • words, pictures, and moving pictures can be recorded of rebels while they stay in the field
  • Improves news access for the Syrian people, which have no press freedom.
  • Improves propaganda outlet for group supplying infrastructure
    • VOA: Arabic during downtime

     If later, war becomes impossible to avoid,
  • More uses for rallying messages of whichever side we like

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

English-Broadcasting Roundup of Bradley Manning Pardon Request

     I checked the NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, Washington Post, USA Today. None of them have, on their front page, the fact that Bradley Manning is requesting a pardon.  The Wall St. Journal even suggested he left with some bad words for the President.

     The front pages of Russia Today, the Guardian UK, both mention the pardon request in a separate story.  Agence France Presse only headline is that Manning comforted his weeping lawyer.  German Bild and Chinese Xinhua takes the U.S. line for their front page. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Forget most of what you've read about post-conflict operations and C.O.I.N.

     During a conflict, the military is the brunt arm of the political will.  As the conflict ends, the role of the military must drop much more quickly.

     Logistics, Supply, Military Police, Chow, HQ & Support, and possibly Construction and/or Transport are left behind.  Not combat units, they begin collecting in central locations for transport home as soon as possible.

     Who should run perceivably-occupation-like peace operations?  It should be, basically our national Police Corps, like a Gendarmerie (Spain's Civil Guard especially) of Europe.  In other words, Peace Officers, to keep the peace the military has so recently won.    We don't have this today, and multi-lingualism might be a requirement.

     During the initial days of a transition to Police Corps, of course, there will likely be a shortage of peace officers, and military police should be used.

     I'm not sure fitness, of their units, is a judgment we should be making.  Maybe offer our police-training, rub by our military, for any units that do not do well.

     State, if things stay stable or improve, then takes an ever increasing role.  If one does not invade the wrong targets, in the first place, peace operations are greatly simplified.

     One of State's early tasks is to clear the rubble.  Local equipment should be used first.  Equipment totals, per owner, should be simultaneously reviewed, including drive test, before starting.  Military Construction Battalions might be able to lend a hand.