Wednesday, October 29, 2003

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Trent Lott, former Senate Majority Leader, actually said this about Iraq...
If we have to, we just mow the whole place down, see what happens. You’re dealing with insane suicide bombers who are killing our people, and we need to be very aggressive in taking them out.
Taiwan and China
Looks like the US has finally turned its back entirely on its spirit, and now is kneeling before China to prove it has no ill intentions to re-unification with Taiwan. Background: In 1949, at the end of the Civil War in China (which mostly ended up being between the Nationalists led by Chang Kai-Shek and the Communists led by Mao Tse-Tung) the Nationalists had lost, and withdrew their forces and money to the Island of Formosa, where they reconstituted their government, and have been ruling ever since. Taiwan has always held that it is the rightful ruler of "China," as the "People's Republic" government claims that Formosa is theirs, and they reserve the right to use force to take it. Both sides have been ruling their own lands for more than half a century now, and neither has any practical experience in governing the other. The roots of the matter, like much in China, are not so fresh. In the fight against the Japanese in World War II, China was America's friend. There were a few Chinese armies that had helped the United States fight off the Japanese, but, for reasons that hardly need explaining today, President Truman rejected allying himself with Mao's Communists, and instead chose Chang Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang. Kai-Shek, who controlled very little of China when his original outreach to America began, showed Truman a map and said "This is China, the US and this China will be friends and fight Japan, and this will be China." Truman, not knowing any better(?), not believing that Chang could pull off such a conquest(?), gave the plan a thumb's up. The trick here is that the map Chang showed Truman was never a map of China, it was the map of the greatest historical expansion of what should probably be called Manchuria (the people living in the Northeast Corner of modern China) who ruled over the Chinese (Han) for a long time, a long time ago. This is like a Frenchman giving Truman a map of the Roman Empire and saying "See, all this used to be ours, help me get it back." Americans tend to kiss Chinese ass for cheap "goods," and, this short exchange proves Bush (and the current American establishment) has no interest in Republicanism, nor in Popular rule. In fact, the cheap goods are the "sop" for the masses, to keep them contented. Chinese Government Warns Taiwanese Officials Not To Talk to US Officials(I can't believe it, myself) Here is a harsher take on the warning from the Chinese press, which refers to "Separtist" Taiwan (Remember, Mao's forces never took the Island, so, it has never been under PRC rule). Then, on basically the same day, we have Sec Def Donald Rumsfeld (probably not a busy guy at all, with only two wars to fight) meeting with the Chinese Defense Minister. US obsequiessness to China? That's my guess.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

A Plot to Send America Into Crisis
Paul Krugman recently confirmed what a friend(name withheld till I contact him) had told me about the Conservative strategy for ending Social Security, Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, et cetera. According to my friend, David Stockman (President 40's Office of Management and Budget Director) wrote about this strategy in the mid 1980s. According to Paul Krugman, fascist flaks like Heritage Foundation and whatever fraudulent name Grover Norquist's group goes by, use this phrase most often.. "starve the beast." Now, what these dimwitted numbskulls can't accomplish legally (i.e. Constitutionally) they hope to acheive via a CRISIS. THEY ARE TRYING TO FORCE AMERICA INTO A CRISIS. What these evil motherfuckers, most of whom never earned their money, are HOPING is that when their HOPED FOR CRISIS occurs they will be 1. Able to Control It and0 2. In Charge at the Time. Both are entirely specious assumptions. These people, closely linked to the White House, are traitors to America.

Monday, October 27, 2003

How Many Lies?
I lose count. This is just another example of the aspect of the lying optimistic comments from GOP boosters that just CAN NOT bear scrutiny...
Iraqis were out everywhere living their lives and looking hopefully to the future. There was little evidence of war or destruction from our allied bombing campaign.
This was a US congressperson, Terry Everett, a "Republican" from California. Remain Calm.
Lying about Iraqis and Reconstruction
The AEI and Cheney have linked up to find new mendacious ways to deceive Americans about what is really going on in Iraq (other than banning the weapons inspectors, tightly controlling journalists, and badgering unfriendly news sources)... they are lying about polls. Lies in the article include "Zogby International did it with American Enterprise magazine." --Dick Cheney That's a lie, Zogby did it alone, and AE magazine published their own spin on the results. FUCK YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT CHENEY.
I think
I think if I were President, and things weren't going well that I'd get my Mom (link broke: try: this) to start running ads saying how she loves me and is proud of me... ...because no one is more impartial than a President's Mom. (Can you tell from the tone that I read the new "Get Your War On" this morning?)
The most provable of the many lies
Bush and his cronies did a lot of misleading, suggesting tons of things without actually saying them. These are some lies which are simply false, and any half-acked journalist should have plugged away at the lies at that time. Instead, they all just polished their kneepads, fearing to be out of the loop for the impending ratings boost, ahem, I mean war. President G. Walker Bush, Rose Garden, October 2, 2002: "The regime has the scientists and facilities to build nuclear weapons and is seeking the materials needed to do so." This is obviously a lie for the reason that they do not have the facilities. President G. Walker Bush, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 7, 2002: "Before being barred from Iraq in 1998, the International Atomic Energy Agency dismantled extensive nuclear weapons-related facilities, including three uranium-enrichment sites." You can go to the IAEA website and see that they were there in January, 2002, in January 2001, and in January 2000. So why is he saying they were barred in 1998? Everyone worth their salt should know that it was US anti-Iraq stooge Richard Butler who pulled the UN out right before Clinton's idiotic Desert Fox campaign. G. Walker Bush doesn't even care to check on the bullshit that people put in his mouth. The POINT was to start this war.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Are Any Of You Still Willing to Re-elect President Bush
He says he didn't take Iraq to control it, but he refuses to let anyone else control it. He says he didn't take Iraq for the oil, but he sens oilmen over there to run it, and gives massive oil contracts only to his Vice-President's old firm and his Father's new firm. He talked about a "mushroom cloud" from a "madman" that could happen "any day," but as anyone with half a brain already knew, and the Washington Post reports today, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Lies, Greed, Power. Anyone who votes for this chimp-puppet really ought to be banned from ever voting again.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Interview Questions Answered
I have a friend who was asked which statement was most important to the company, she says she answered "Income Statement" and that she was wondering if this was correct. I like my answers better. The one with the REAL numbers on it, not the ones that you cooked up for the auditors or the board, is an important set of numbers to have around. Maybe the cooked one IS more important, hard to say. I mean, if it is a question of going to jail, the cooked numbes are more important, right? But later, you are going to have to figure out what divisions have the money you can skim, in order to replace the stuff you stole, so the real numbers are important, too Tell the interviewer there is no 100% right answer to that question, or any other question, and they should keep every single number, from one to infiinity, around, just in case someone wants to see it.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Bush, Imperator
We all know Karl Rove repeatedly links Bush and himself to the teamup of McKinley and Hanna. There may be vain reasons for doing that (probably the most famous campaign manager of the day, ergo, Rove would like to bring it up, being a campaign manager himself) but there are also real parallels, including, but not limited to..
  • massive fund-raising, nevertofore seen
  • the most bitterly partisan period in US history
  • the terrible election of 1888, where the popular winner (whom I like better even than FDR, Stephen Grover Cleveland) was defeated in the Electoral College
  • incredible corporate board access to US Congress
  • A war, based on lies, trumpeted non-stop as a just cause by the media barons (Hearst, and, early on, Pulitzer)
But wait, there's more! Evil Imperator Bush has recently declared that the Phillipines would be the model for the "rebuilding" (raping) of Iraq. That means we can add...
  • A six year long pacification campaign against a people who might someday surrender, but can never forgive the numbers of them we kill to make them free
Here's a little extra history lesson for all you Filipino Insurrection buffs... from Mind Fully It's a new American Imperialism, folks, brought to you in part by FOX and CNN, run by the biggest MORON this country has ever had for President.
Rumsfeld Memo HOAX!
Update (Friday, Oct 24): Looks like someone on the Editorial/OpEd pages at the NY Times saw things the way I did. I wonder why such a huge percentage of the rest of the press just bought it. I guess they are sheep! --- I can't believe that no one in the media seems to even question the legitimacy of the fully-formed sentence memo that was supposedly "leaked," authored by Donald Rumsfeld. It's just propaganda, folks, it was obviously (to me) WRITTEN TO BE LEAKED. It basically just echoes the company line, more money, more time, more bold moves, more creative thought, we need more to pacify these recalcitrant Iraqis. It's also a bit of a stab at Condoleeza Rice and, not pointedly, at President Bush for putting Rice "in charge" (without overseeing anyone) of Iraq. And not a single news agency seems to have picked up on it. This snippet from the Charleston shows JUST HOW LUDICROUS the allegation that it was really "leaked" is...
The memorandum was sent to Gen. Richard B. Myers and Gen. Peter Pace, the chairman and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; to Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defense secretary; and to Douglas J. Feith, the undersecretary for policy. Rumsfeld wrote that the document was a compilation of thoughts previously shared with regional combatant commanders.
Is someone actually suggesting one of those 4 guys leaked it? GET REAL! IS THERE SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO ISN'T A MORON! PLEASE DROP ME AN E-MAIL!

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I just hope
If someday we start getting bombed and destroyed by some foreign power that is attempting to "civilize" us (a la the Phillipines) or "liberate" us, we don't start complaining, because that, at least you could see, would be hypocritical of us. The New American Policy is that if anyone is conquered or slaughtered IN ORDER TO LIBERATE THEM, that is OK, even if it is Americans getting slaughtered and conquered. Remember that, folks. REMEMBER YOUR NEW FASCIST BUSH LESSONS!
By the way
The current weak dollar policy is US vengeance for the collapse of the recent agricultural round of WTO talks. In case you wanted to know.
An Economic Analysis of Chile under Allende and Pinochet
or, how the CIA and Kissinger fucked a whole nation. Please Read Michael Hudson is a lot more knowledgeable than any of the talking heads on TV, I'd wager.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Aceh, Indonesia
I rarely bring it up, sorry, but the situation in our "ally" Indonesia's Aceh province is ANOTHER cruel freaking hoax, perpetrated by gun-weilding dominators against oil-rich natives. From the BBC
This is Exactly the Kind of Moronic Shit that the US Military can be Expected to Pull
Look at this, they throw her Koran on the ground and handcuff her. I mean, it's not the end of the world, right? She didn't get shot, right? But it's exactly the kind of thing which will piss of the Iraqis. It's from the Sydney Morning Herald. What were they thinking? Oh, that's right, they weren't thinking. That's why we shouldn't have soldiers(i.e. targets) over there, and instead should be removing the soldiers to a half-dozen (ok, 60 at first) small bases which can provide a rapid reaction force if fighting breaks out. Leave the reconstruction, mostly, to the Iraqis, who are, in case you didn't notice, well under employed. The entire GDP of Iraq before the war was about 60 billion dollars, which means for the 87 Bush is getting in his SUPPLEMENTAL we could hire every single of the 22 million Iraqis at their old wages. Duh.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Weirdness Re: the Capture of Mullah Janan in Afghanistan
Story: Mullah Janan is captured. How come the obviously mouthpeice Voce of America newswire is NOT publishing the information that, for instance, The Scotsman and Ananova that Janan may have been the main Taleban-Base connection? Well, my guess is that it was pure rubbish, but the kind of rubbish that the US disinformation services COULD slop on the plates of foreign newswires.
The Ashcroft Affair
This one, gentlefolk, is going to be good. Remember the Anthrax attacks? That was paranoia time for us living in NYC, rest assured. Everyone was pretty well glued to some internet site, trying to get the pattern, and, hence, determine their probable victimhood. Remember the victims? There were basically three sets. Powerful Democrats in Washington D.C., Senators Thomas Daschle and Patrick Leahy, powerful (putatively) liberal news anchor people in New York City, and, what we all thought odd at the time, American Media, the main owner of the weird subculture of US newspapers, the supermarket tabloid. Now, John Ashcroft, favorite of the John Birch Society and top 1990s terrorist organization anti-choice groups, was in charge of the investigation, which, as you can well imagine, went nowhere. In a fashion entirely reminiscent of the deaths of Clifford? Baxter in Sugarland (home district of Tom DeLay), and the twice occuring deaths of pro-choice Senatorial candidates three weeks before election time in plane crashes(Carnahan(running against Ashcroft) in 2000 and Wellstone in 2002), the person in charge of fighting the criminals was probably looking for his most ardent supporters. AMI has since proceeded to begin buying up reputable journals. Also in this timeline is a large layoff of AMI employees. Talking to them should prove interesting. I wonder if there was a political motivation to any of the layoffs. Anyway, they also are making a point of laying off right wingers with their scandal-mongering, according to the LA Times. Cast of characters so far:
  • AMI Chairman, David J. Pecker
OK, it's not much so far, but it smacks of the truth to me. Especially since I am now reading John Pilger's account of the CIA coup in Australia in 1975. The CIA is truly a despicable agency. Well, it looks like AMI was doing the mass acquiring before the anthrax attacks, and that Mr. Pecker was with AMI then.
My Suspicions, Further
I've already stated that I believe Gen. Wesley Clark is running for President for the Republican Party (OK, maybe it is really the DLC, Republicans-Lite), because they realize that G. Walker Bush is not going to win re-election. I also believe that a meeting held between Howard Dean and Clark included a conversation suggesting that if Clark lost, he would happily be Dean's Vice-President. Adding these two together implies that a Dean/Clark victory in 2004 would spell a short lifespan for Mister Dean. I believe that right-wing extremist groups, or people posing as them and actually working for people behind the scenes in Government, would off Dean as soon as reasonable. That is why I support a Dean/Graham ticket, and part of the reason, I suspect, Graham withdrew was in fact pressure from these same groups (who saw a Dean/Graham ticket as both potentially winning AND less alterable via assassination).
I like Timelines
I would point out that in the weeks after the deadly Zogby polls came out that showed that South Carolingians were leading the Nation in disliking the Bush the GOP decided to run Gen. Wesley Clark, a Republican for a long time, and a big Bush booster. OK, maybe I was wrong about that, maybe he is just a DLC candidate, and since DLC are really just Republicans, it is close enough. Democrats, don't be fooled, BUSH HAS ALREADY LOST THE ELECTION, we can run whomever we want (well, I'm not sure we could run Sharpton, but I swear, he's the only won who couldn't beat Bush in a fair fight right now.)
In case you hadn't seen this link... FOX: Deluding Its Viewers
GOP Strikes Against Iowa
Who are the GOP candidates running for President as Democrats? Joe Lieberman and Wesley Clark. The DLC is just a Republican-Lite group (like "third way" Labour in Britain, or most of Aussie Labour) The media are kissing his ass, because he is pro-fascist-media-baron (Why else do media support candidates?). It's totally pathetic. Now, both of these right wing tools are attempting to discredit the Iowa Caucus, which, in Democrat circles has always been more liberal than the New Hampshire nuts (and certainly more liberal than South Carlolina, the new early primary State). The Right is getting away with, or just getting, everything they want, and no one can argue it is either
  1. Christmas
  2. they have been good
I hope Dean starts working outside New Hampshire and Iowa to win. (UPDATE: Looks like he is definitely going to win in NH, and won't do worse than #2 in SC or Iowa) Thanks to Politizine for the links. And thanks, of course, to Blogger, for democratizing the press.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Conspiracy Against America
The CIA contains agents, and hires contractors, who are drug dealers. They do this (they think "rationally enough") to make money to spend on operations that are not funded by the United States Government, and in order to keep those same operations a secret from the United States Government. This is treason against the United States, the penalties for which includes death. There shall be no CIA operation not funded by the U.S. Government, nor shall any monies obtained through any means by the CIA go unreported to the Government of the United States. Anything less is treason against the United States, the penalties for which include death.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The Stupidest Government Plan In The History Of Earth, Courtesy of Israel
Let me start by telling you why they tell Polish jokes, and why they ought not.
Why do "they" tell Polish Jokes? Believe it or not, it dates back to the middle ages (1500s), and a Form Of Government that was basically a large Oligarchy of Princes. The Princes, undoubtedly noble personages who had carriages and castles and were good on horseback (as a general rule), well, that type of person, had a VETO over the power of the King. Here is a too technical discussion of the power of these magnates. To show that the Polish people were in fact powerful and progressive, not that they helped reintroduce ELECTIONS onto the European continent, when every other bug-eating, hovel-living european was content to let BLOODLINES determine rulership. Who was really stupid? I say it was the Germans, English, French and Spanish. Poland was the lynchpin in returning Europe from the dark ages to the world of elections.  Poland's government was, obviously, a threat to the rest of Monarchical Europe, because it gave political power to such a vast group of people (perhaps as much as 10% of the population).  But, more relevantly to the jokes, it was kinda dumb to have that many people have a veto.  When one extends the logic to say "any people with such a stupid government must be stupid themselves," one gets Polish Jokes, haunting the noble Poles now for almost half a Millenia.  By the way, Poland's Solidarity Trade Union Movement, which began in 1980, was the _real_ attack on the Soviet Union.  It was BEFORE Ronald "Five Rape Allegations" "Drug Dealer" "Iranian Arms Dealer" "The 1st Internationally Convicted Terrorist" Reagan got on the scene.  In simpler terms, Poland helped end the Dark Ages and Soviet Tyranny.
How is Israel similarly stupid, and therefore worthy of our enduring ridicule (and, considering the violence that results from their stupidity) and scorn? Israel and Palestine are trying to come to some sort of peace deal, and they basically have been trying to do this for the last 55 years. Only since 1967 has this become the center of a lot of violence. The peace deals proffered by the party with power, Israel, have always been contingent on the lack of violence by any 1 of the 3-5 million Palestinians in the area. This, effectively, gives a veto over the peace process to 100% of the community.
If a veto by 10% of the community is considered stupid enough to be the cause for the Polish people to be the butt of jokes for over 500 years, how stupid is Israel? Very, very stupid. Either that, or they _know_ what they are doing, and therefore are very, very evil. I really don't know whether or not they can step back and see what they are doing, or whether their hands are tied by political and religious realities of their Parliamentary Theocratic Republic (which was so corrupt that in 1991 they had to reform their Constitution, providing for direct elections of the Prime Minister). There is no doubt, however, that providing a veto to any single Palestiniant with a bomb is the stupidest thing any Government can, or perhaps has ever, done.

Monday, October 06, 2003

How Much Golf Does He Play?
Here he is, again, playing golf. I guess everything must be honky dory over there in Iraq (which he is now President of, if he stopped to think about it). Everything you heard was wrong. According to what I just read, the total number of human rights violations (deaths by Saddam) in pre-War Iraq was measured in the scores, not even the hundreds, per year. This was in the 1999-2002 period, not during our Bay of Camels operation or the US inspired crackdown on the US inspired uprisings of the Kurds and Shi'a after the 1991 Iraq War. That means AMERICA (led by then-Governor G. Walker Bush and brother Jebediah) KILLED MORE OF THEIR OWN PER YEAR THAN SADDAM HUSSEIN KILLED IRAQIS. From a Human Rights Watch report that I will find for you soon.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

I sure wish Paul Wolfowitz and his band of nitwits would understand that. The "Leviathan" is the pre-eminent power in a global arena, a term used by Thomas Hobbes in his work "Leviathan" (movie is totally unrelated). Imagine if no other country had nukes, and not even a decent sized army, and the whole missile question (and space/satellite) question was moot because America owned them all. Well, then, America would be the Leviathan. Most nitwits in American Politics already think we are. Now, since the Leviathan acts without consulting others, it is dictatorial. That's just a given. However, there have been benevolent dictators in the past. But, unlike Silvio "Il Duce" Berlusconi, I don't think Benito Mussolini was one of them(Berlusconi recently said that, as quoted in the West Australian)
Israel attacks Syrian land target
I read many stories on this issue, and the ONLY ONE WORTH ITS WEIGHT is this one from the Malaysian Star. None of the other articles mention that this is the first attack in 30 years (-1 day) on Syrian soil. None of the other articles mention that Gaza had been divided into four sections, and movement has basically been stopped between the sections. The American Media is lazy, and cares nothing for any situation in the Middle East except the preservation of Israel. OK, this article from MSNBC (which often carries unusual stories) adds the family angle, and a bio of the lady who blew herself up. Her brother, it seems, was killed recently by an Israeli air assault. Three Cheers to Malaysia, a Republic, for their news coverage. Although, even that article ends with a listing of Israeli dead by suicide attacks, with no mention of innocent Palestinian dead from Israeli military attacks. They often call Israelis "innocents" but, for the record, there is UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTION in Israel, meaning EVERY ADULT (outside a few ultra-orthodox, who get many special privileges in Israel, including the right not to serve in the military) in Israel is a military target. Every single one.
How to Win, a short Guide for President G. Walker Bush
First, launch a war. Then, when that country starts to go down in flames, launch another war. Then, when that country starts to go down in flames, get involved in a petty scandal about revealing the name of a single CIA officer. Now, of course what Bush&Co did to Mr. Wilson's wife, Ms.(?) Plame, was a petty, vindictive and illegal act. But the partisan aspect of it makes it seem to me that the PETTINESS is what is significant. Who gives a fuck about the 10s of thousands of innocents human lives Bush has ended in fiery destruction, let's worry about things when they attack a Democrat! For, in fact, that is what Mr. Wilson and Ms. Plame are, in addition to being a weapons expert and a CIA operative, respectively. How does one, as a fascist news source, trivialize the news? Cover only the aspects which touch on the sensibilities of the Democrats and Republicans. Give a big FUCK YOU to stories about tens of thousands murdered innocents. Or, just skip this story, about the massive insider dealings going on in Iraq, involving billions of dollars. No, go ahead, just cover the outing of one CIA agent. Ignore the link I have done several times before, of massive overcharging in Iraq by Halliburton (a division of BushCo). SEND AHMED CHALABI TO JAIL! SEND BUSH/CHENEY TO IRAQ FOR LIFE! Everyone in the media seems very stupid to me, or connivingly smart. Either way, they should be fired, or sent back to the mail room. Hey, I'm a Fascist! Let me buy up all your newspapers and then tell you what is going on! This is all so painful for me, everyone's ignorance.