Monday, April 26, 2004

Government/Corporate Collusion
Wouldn't it be nice if corporations that were assets/fronts for the government, where government employees are assured of cheap and good stuff and others are not welcome, were all listed in the blue section of the phone book with the other government agencies? AT&T, sure. Western Union, since before AT&T! All the companies you have that will be guaranteed to help the government fuck with you.
Nat'l Security
It's a catch-22 type situation. Can't discuss it, national security is on the line. Can't change it unless people know what's going on.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Politics & Religion
Never getting their stories straight. It's been almost 700 years since the round-up of more than ten thousand of the warrior-monks called the Poor Knights of the Temple (Knights Templar). Yet, still, the Catholic Church indicts King Phillip IV (the Fair) while the secular world indicts Pope Clement IV. I see an overly defensive nature posture by the Church on this matter in their here, here, and here. And yet, even those these religious nitwits have been against every critical social reform in the last five decades, proving a cravenness that only a solid link to the worst in American culture can provide, I still don't want them punished, just for being Christians. Some religious people, by the way, are just plain fantastic. The works of the historically fantastic are often an inspiration to the future.
The Precise Opposite of Secular Humanism
Cloistered Inhumanism.
I've edited a lot of the April posts. There are a lot of gems in this blog. Information none of the press ever seemed to notice.
Impeccable Reputations
According to Bernard [Monk associating with earliest Knights of Templar], "God has elected such men to Himself," carefully choosing and appointing them to fight in His name. These warrior-monks were to wage the "double fight" against evil, spiritually and physically. Killing barbarians was not only permitted, justified as "malacide" rather than homicide, but actually encouraged by the promise of an instant place in heaven.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Anyone want to hear the Bush administration's lawyer's case for the Iraq War? I can answer that for you, the answer is no. It is a threat to national security.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

P Wolfowitz
At the end of his "introductory" 40 minute speech, P Wolfowitz cited how France was against the idea of a US military occupation, and so they must be for the transition to the "Interim" government, which comes before the "Transitional" government, which comes before the "Constitutional" government. Then he listed a number of battles, and said there were lessons to be learned. For example, Tarawa, the Chosin Reservoir, and another WWII battle. The point he appeared to be making was that war could be more brutal than expected. I can't imagine any other lessons. At Chosin, for example, 8 divisions of the Army were surrounded and 1 division of Marines pulled their tails out of the fire. I guess he doesn't realize the Marines are right in the middle of the fire in Fallujah, already. Then he listed heroic soldiers, mostly from WWI and WWII, but a couple who died in Somalia. Again, what lessons can be learned? The politics of WWI and WWII are unassailable (attempts have been made), and the politics of Korea tend to point exactly to political problems of war (Korea wasn't authorized by Congress, but the UN, our troops had a politically defined mission, but then again, MacArthur should have been yanked earlier, he was convinced the Chinese were bluffing, but I was never a Truman fan, so, it's a mixed bag. I like FDR and Ike more). Then R Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs spoke, but I wrote this.
P Wolfowitz
Actually used the word "Orwellian" during his introductory statement to a discussion of Iraq & Afghanistan, where, during the first introduction, he never discussed the current situation in Iraq or Afghanistan, then read a few rosy news stories. He spent less than one minute addressing Fallujah, and used part of that minute to say he "wasn't downplaying it." It's hard to say when the "introduction" ended, and whether or not the M14 information really amounted to "news," as the S Ritter has already discussed EID instructions to rebels from former regime leaders.
P Wolfowitz
He claimed part of the problem might be called "The Man on the Moon" problem, which might be phrased by an Iraqi like "If America can put a man on the moon, how come the electricity isn't working?" This is clearly an attempt to make Iraqis complaints look ridiculous. But more fundamentally, GW Bush is planning to send people to Mars as we speak.
Haloscan is manipulated by the provacateurs, or my browser sucks. I originally said that it was Yankee Doodle himself. He denies it. And I really like his blog. Have blogrolled it for months and months. Someone blogrolled me right between Yankee Doodle and River Bend and, so far, that was the highlight of my blogging career. Someone is doing it.
Bush Uses Japan As Political Example
Post WWII... here is one version of the events
But generally, populist sentiments about the Occupation ran hot and cold. Hot when GHQ's fiery New Deal lawyers promised them "a hand in the future" and lasting reforms; cold when SCAP went into business with the old guard. After Mao took over China and Korea heated up, SCAP was taken over by CIA types who didn't like people in movement period. They hurt the unions while boosting the war industries and the gangsters. They turned heavy-duty war criminals loose with big money in their pockets to help SCAP maintain "social harmony." "A-Class" rogues such as Kishi, Kodama and Sasagawa profited immensely by reviving the mobs and rescuing the "patriotic" societies. Kishi made prime minister; Kodama became one of Japan's three most powerful men; and Sasagawa Ryoichi, self-proclaimed "world's richest fascist," was several times seen jogging around Africa with Jimmy Carter and the Gandhi Peace Prize in his pocket. Older activists especially have a hard time feeling too pro-American about those days.
New Deal=State, SCAP=Defense, CIA-types=? The "A-Class" war criminals were the only ones up for the death penalty, I think seven were executed, maybe they were the only ones tried.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Ya think?
Do you think the worst thing that could happen to a propagandist is when some creep corrupts his slogan? Do you think it is illegal for me to think that, if the Norwegians demanded the surrender of the US, I would greet them as liberators? After that, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada.
CIA Agitprop
Waah Waah! They didn't tell me about the big lies before they told al-Saudiyya! Like I care in which order they got told? Mr. Woodward, can I interest you in a career in farming? For just a little money, you can buy a farm which, with hard work, can feed you and your family as long as you are strong enough to work it. Maybe, if you treat 'em right, your children will be pleased to stick around.
Remember who "leaked" the Florida election results? Fox News, and GW Bush's cousin in the Fox News office. Who leaked the Tyco jury member? The Wall St. Journal leaked it. As long as no other media cover this crap, you can expect it to continue.
The New Plan

Sunday, April 18, 2004

The USA Channel Spartacus Movie
What really brought down the Roman Republic? Lots of people have lots of arguments, but no one seriously thinks that it was Crassus becoming Consul. That's not what USA Theocratic Networks want you to believe. They want you to think that the rich guy, Crassus, was what ended it all. Sounds like anti-rich propaganda. One thing that really happened was the Romans, to win, promised their soldier's a lot. They couldn't always pay. The veterans found a hero in the very wealthy Marius, who basically formed his own army. The forces of Sulla and Marius alternatively controlled Rome for a while, and whoever was in charge killed 100s, maybe 1000s, of his opponents supporters. Eventually, Marius was killed. Gaius Julius Caesar was the nephew of Marius. I've heard that GJ Caesar was primarily interested in his own interests, and the veterans were a vehicle for him. The veterans do not make a force in America today like they did in Rome. The evil in Washington, DC is far less problematic. It's mostly just a lack of accurate intelligence. The whole peice of theocratic agitprop (and yes, there is anti-theocrat messages, but then again, what will ring longest in the heads of each side that cares to listen?) ends without showing how Spartacus was crushed. In fact, the movie ends with a heroic Spartacus. They showed this two-hour "special" at least 4 times in a short period of time. This work seems like an attempt to lure people to stupid revolutions, specifically, in NYC in September. The GOP would love riots in September at their Convention in NYC (as if New York State didn't give the President the second least percentage of any State) to try to win like 1968.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Do U C What I C?
I turned on Fox News, some retired Colonel was going on and on about how Fallujah needed to be "cleansed" and how M al-Sadr needed to be, without exception, captured or killed. Who is to be "cleansed" in Fallujah? No one asked the Colonel about that, or anything else. One can only assume that anyone who resists the cleansing will be cleansed. When there is actual killing going on, the term "vicious cycle" should be used carefully.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Corporate Media Still Shilling for GW Bush
JF Kerry was asked a question that began "If you were President today..." and FOX News cut away to S Gorton's questions for FBI Director R Mueller. I checked ten or more other news stations, three had S Gorton, none had JF Kerry. S Gorton is four times more important than JF Kerry, that's the corporate media lesson for today. Slade Gorton is a retired Senator from Washington.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Firefighters and Police
We have heard a lot about these civil servants who died on September 11th, 2001. Primarily because there is a more uncomfortable fact, in that, more millionaires died that day than any day in history. The sinking of the Titanic is probably second, April 14th, 1912. That portends badly.
Each and every dead Iraqi is one less person to compete with in the global capitalist system.
Bullets Through Bodies
Over 700 in the last 8 days, according to reports. Former Iraqis, their bodies blown up, pieces of lead sent, 1000m/s, ripping through flesh. All for the new big hate. Have you joined the new big hate? Hate terrorists! Whoever they are, hate them! Hate, Hate, Hate!

Monday, April 12, 2004

Advice for Bush
A new President spends a minute at his new office with the old President he is replacing. In that minute, the departing President tells him, "I have left three numbered envelopes in the Oval Office. Open an envelope if you encounter a crisis you can't solve." Eight months down the track there is major drama, everything goes wrong - tmost unusual stuff - and the manager feels very threatened by it all. He remembers the parting words of his predecessor and opens the first envelope. The message inside says "Blame your predecessor!" He does this and gets off the hook. About a year later, the company is experiencing a dip in credibility, combined with serious, and lethal problems. The President quickly opens the second envelope. The message read, "Reorganize!" This he does, and the public is quickly distracted. Being smart, the new President opens the third envelope before the next crisis hits. The message inside says "Prepare three envelopes".

Friday, April 09, 2004

Some people just don't get it
Ever want to see what one loony pro-Israel (embarassing to the country) site is doing?

See, some loony Israelis are really mad about Lebanon.

Like with those Americans who are apoplectic about the US leaving Viet Nam, some Israelis believe they must hate Lebanon forever.

The main revolutionary military group that drove Israel out is named Hezbollah. Hezbollah used a lot of terrorist style attacks on Israelis interests in Lebanon to acheive this victory.

Hezbollah is accused of a couple 1992 attacks in Argentina, but other than that, their targets have been in Lebanon.

Hezbollah runs schools, hospitals, and has a respected role in the government of Lebanon, at least according to some of the internally respected parties.

Forget it, I explained what was going on, I'm not going to link to that loony after all.

Juan Cole Read My Mind
J Cole's blog, Informed Comment, is a good place to check regularly. He even had the same Idea as I had, Translating Americana into Arabic. Of course, I wrote to drop T Jefferson's writing's, especially now. Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws. Donate to his project, and suggest the same work! Why? Wouldn't handing them Thomas Jefferson be insufferable? "Hi, wouldn't you like to see why we are so happy today, see how Great Americans are?" rather than the Frenchman, predating America, "See how great ideas are?"
Despite My Strongest Inclinations
I do not believe, in an effort to get to the truth, that GW Bush, D Rumsfeld, RB Cheney, P Wolfowitz, G Tenet, C Rice, should be rendered to Jordan or Egypt.

I do not believe the use of rubber hoses, or a sock with something in it, should be used on these criminals, in order to find the complete truth.

That is what the bad guys do.

Horse Platoons
New York City has a Police Department, and it has lots of cops, in lots of roles. Some have beats, some have squad cars, some have motorcycles, some have motorscooters, and some have horses. There are six squads of horse cops in NYC.

This is a small potatoes issue, but there should be no more horse cops in NYC.

The reason they are there is for crowd control.

I can certainly agree that the PD's horses are very specially trained for this type of activity. Under all regular protest situations, I fully trust that the horses will follow the controls of their riders, and effectively perform their jobs.

However, something tells me that an action which is very possible, and possibly terrorist related, behind a line of horses doing crowd control over seated people (which I have seen), would result in people being crushed to death, in large numbers, by the horses.

Until such time as they are replaced with twice the number of crowd control trained police officers with appropriate equipment, horse crowd control units can never be scheduled to be at a certain event, that is how to avoid being a terrorist target.

Amnesty International Now a Fascist Front Group
William Schulz is the new Executive Director. He does not believe in torture. Like Bill O'Reilly of TV infamy who claims he is in the middle, because he doesn't believe in the death penalty. Schulz is a fascist fuck.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Marc Rich Pardon
(I didn't have a blog then)

What was it Marc Rich did again? Something about arms. Something about arms trades with Iran. Something about arms trades with Iran in the mid 1980s. Arms Trading With Iran in the Mid-1980s. There is something remotely familiar about that idea. Marc Rich didn't pay any taxes on his arms trades with Iran in the mid 1980s. Nope, nothing to see, move along. Geesh.

C Powell, Trying to Destroy Iraq
He said, a couple minutes ago, we have to "smash the Madhi militia," M al-Sadr's independent Iraqi force.
John Lehman
Briefly, J Lehman, a 9/11 Commissioner, I thought, handled R Clarke fairly, or fairly poorly, and very neutrally, almost, overall. But what he's asking C Rice is awesome. I'm going to have to listen to it over and over.
C Rice's Dumb Message
C Rice claims that there is a message in Iraq, for the Middle East. Let's look at that claim a moment. Is the message "For any reason, perhaps trumped up, America can invade you, kill any citizens who resist, at any stage, or who, using any authority, suggest others resist, and this is how you will become free." This is a dumb message. It is a message of terrorism. America's terrorism. Most people don't know the origin of terrorism, the French Reign of Terror of the Jacobites, led by Robespierre. In emulating the American Revolution, the French went way too far. They simply executed the aristocracy. Eventually, all of France was ruled by a committee of of the more radical revolutionaries (the milder party were Girondists, and they included some Aristocrats, like the mathematician, and marquis, Condorcet). In order to intimidate "enemies" of the French Revolution, Robespierre declared he had a list, a list of enemies of the State. Who was on the list? No one could learn. What was the evidence? That too, would be secret. Robespierre had prominent revolutionaries jailed and executed, based on the list, primarily people who disagreed politically. This threat, this palpable, vocal intimidation, is terrorism, in its original form. This is what GW Bush has done to the Middle East. This is what hate-filled right wing people do. Considering how low my opinions are of these people, they might feel intimidated by me, in which case they'd consider me a terrorist. Please don't be afraid. I am entirely non-violent, unless you strike at me.
Reporter Shortage
The number of CIA dupes willing to write government propaganda is shrinking, and their e-mail boxes are filling up with the incensed hatred, and idiotic praise, of their increasingly, obviously, false claims.
In Praise of Nixon
According to a very knowledgable CIA critic, RM Nixon was the post-war President who tried to tackle the problem of a CIA run amok. No country with a CIA like our should be allowed to continue, unless that government is involved in rooting out this fascist evil. The former CIA people must be jailed, people like William Colby, if he is still alive. There is no other way to teach people a lesson. There is no other way for the rest of the world to know we are deadly serious.
Arranged Greetings
First thing I noticed is that the administration arranged to have two people of color, and two women, in three people, as the last people shaking the hands of Condileeza Rice before she took her seat. "Work the Fucking Refs"
Austrian School, Crackpots!
Awesome debunking of every libertarian and supply side nutjob theory. Listen folks, the Austrian school of economics, the ones pushed by the RW Reagan and GW Bush administrations, is fucking evil, unless you are a Monarch, in which case you and your rich friends will get rich. The Austrian School is filled with RACISTS, SEXISTS, AND TOTAL FUCKING MORONS. LUDWIG VOS MISES IS THE LIBERTARIAN DREAM ECONOMIST, A RACIST, SEXIST MORON.
N Schwartzkopf
Is a particularly admirable man. I wonder who was pushing him to "precipitous" action, early, in Iraq, during the first Gulf War. In his book, It Doesn't Take A Hero, and during the c-span booknotes interview following, he talked about officials in the administration of GHW Bush (the most decent Republican President since DD Eisenhower), who were pushing him to take drastic and immediate action, before the military was ready, in a way that lacked any military sense. I am guessing it is the same nutjobs that ran the Iraq war.
JF Kerry and J McCain
I want JF Kerry to be President, and not GW Bush. J McCain is trying to get an important ANTI-PORK measure through Congress, and GW Bush has promised to stop it. JF Kerry has promised that J McCain will be handed the pen the second JF Kerry has signed the order. JF Kerry is already supporting J McCain's bill in the Senate.
Good Senators
Senators Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, Carl Levin of Michigan, and the Democrat candidate for President, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts
Alan Greenspan
Further proof this guy is a fucking idiot. A quote from Alan Greenspan from 1966
The abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of credit.... In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.... Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the "hidden" confiscation of wealth.... [Gold] stands as a protector of property rights."
Dear Mr. Fucking Moron Greenspan. Note, asshole, that inflation is as low as it has ever been. Note, shit-for-brains, that I can't imagine property rights being stronger. Corporations and their property have rights far exceeding those of even governments, now. MORON LIST
    Jude Wanniski (founder of Supply Side Economic theory, in its modern form)

    Alan Greenspan

    Ludwig von Mises

    my father

America left the gold standard in 1933, and these nitwits are STILL whining! It's been seventy years, and the only 70 years in history without a depression, and these stupid, stupid, stupid, motherfuckers can't get it through their thick fucking skulls. Lucky for von Mises, he is dead, so can no longer be embarassed by his own stupidity.
South Korea, hmm
I haven't studied the Korean situation nearly as much as many of the other things which interest me, but I knew the recent impeachment of their Prime Minister, Roh, whose policies on North Korea were entirely at odds with the administration of GW Bush, wasn't something that sounded great. Then again, I'm not even clear on the charges, and even if I knew the charges, I doubt I could fully ascertain their trutfhfulness, or exactly what was going on if they weren't truthful. It looks like the Korean people have turned on the two parties which launched the impeachment. Let's hope all of South Korea's public servants remember, at least a little each day, that their real job is governmental, and not partisan.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Stupid E Dole

    Original post as comments, upgraded for language purposes.

     E Dole, a Senator, is stupid as dookie.  Ignorant as she is, she had the nerve to talk about Reagan and the USSR.

     Now we can all know that JF Kennedy lied about the "missile gap," and was wrong for lying.

     If JF Kennedy was wrong for that, RW Reagan was infinitely more wrong for his suggestions that the USSR was a threat.

     Not only that, under Reagan/Bush is when the USSR entered the free world, and so they must be held responsible for the degraded position of Russia today.

     Screw Reagan and Dole.

Stupidest Senators
Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina and Susan Collins of Maine. Maybe Bunning of Kentucky, or Johnson of South Dakota, are stupider, but, in fact, they are smart enough to keep their mouths shut. George Allen of Virginia and Richard Santorum are also incredibly stupid and fucked in the head.
You need to see it?
Graphic picture of an unintended consquence
My History
On September 4th, 2001, I signed a lease to move to Battery Park City, my residence about four blocks South of the former World Trade Center. My move in date was September 15th, 2001. I remember I almost asked to make in the tenth. I didn't get in till October 10th, 2001, because of the last American hijackings (four planes at once). You know, at the time, I was mad that the management company of my building was so unhelpful getting me into my new place. My old landlord, thankfully, was entirely understanding, but that was just luck, honestly (Thanks Bill!) But, considering how the government lied to New Yorkers about the risks of the air, it is probably just as well. For the record, my old apartment had been three blocks from the United Nations, on Murray Hill, in Tudor City. Guess who didn't go home for a long time on September 11th, living, as he did, near the UN? That day I walked along the Hudson up to about 110th Street, then headed across to a bar on the East Side, where I won a free shot of some awful liquer for knowing what a Zaibatsu was.
Possibly how to Help Stop Troubles in Iraq
A lesson of the long deceased N Curzon, long "succesful" British administrator of the North West Frontier province from 1898 to somewhere between 1902 and 1905. The raiders, Bugti from Afghanistan, travelled to their targets. In this case, the directions were fairly constant, over a particular border. Curzon removed garrisons, likely targets, and made patrols in the direction of the border, cross-cutting the expected paths of the raiders. I have no real way of knowing whether there are regular "raiding" routes in use, but some arrows exist on a map the DoD has made public.
Our President
Let's face it, we rule. We can rule well, or poorly, but we basically rule. How we handle our mistakes will help dictate how our servants will behave, too. I propose that our servants, the President and many of the most vocal pro-war Congresspeople, go to help the Iraqis. Each of them to be the servant of a member of the new Iraqi Parliament, to honestly help them become a Republic. I don't see them helping.
Don Rumsfeld, fuckwad
No one more than Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz should be blamed for the Iraq War. They were directing D Feith and W Luti, who were also cognizant of their role. The Defense Intelligence Agency, controlled by the Secretary of Defense, and not the Director of Central Intelligence (Head of the CIA), is 80-85% of the total US intelligence budget. DCI Tenet probably made some complaints, but apparently not enough. Secretary of State C Powell wanted to fight again in al-Iraq, according to someone I heard before the Bush administration took office. It's in the last couple minutes of the 40th anniversary of Eisenhower's Military-Industrial Complex speech, which, since our elections are regularly timed, was a week before Bush took office. It was hosted by the Nation magazine.
i had tried being nice for a little while. freak that
Non Stop Shame
Today I saw the following shit-eaters. The CEO of Pfizer on Washington Journal A whole bunch of military-industrial-complex kiss-asses, like Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, and all the Republicans. Mark Dayton of Minnesota, per usual, was far better in handling the witnesses for the committee, meeting on defense intelligence. A lot of these $$$ morons Kill Kill Kill talk about us needing massive numbers of UAVs. The example given was that in one case in the Iraq war, we didn't want our troops to advance unless a bridge was still up, but the commander couldn't see the bridge. We had absolute air superiority, and satellites must have been focussed in, and this peice of dookie is what they hold up for us to buy. Their mouths should be washed out with shit, to get a sense of what they are trying to do to us.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Separation Fence Bad, Tunnels Bad
The separation fence is very bad. The Israeli Defense Forces claim that they have destroyed 80 tunnels to Egypt, over the years, possibly used for smuggling weapons into Gaza. The fence, above ground, is bad. But if the Israelis wanted to build an underground wall, to stop tunnels, on their side of the Egyptian border, and they didn't interfere with water mains or anything, then I don't see how that would be bad at all.
How many Iranians should die, in 10s of thousands, to prove that we made a mistake in accusing Iran of having a nuclear bomb program? I think if it were up to the Bush administration, every single Iranian could die to prove that America, using the UN, is trumping up evidence in order to invade Iran. There is no nuclear bomb in Iran. There is no nuclear bomb program. We won't find one. We've never seen one (have you seen anything? Even one picture of a facility alleged to be a nuke plant?) But there is a lot of money in war. Kill Kill Kill the Iranians. Kill Kill Kill the Iranians. Kill Kill Kill the Iranians. Follow Bush's Law! Bush is a warmongering killer. He doesn't deserve to be pooped on. His brains are smaller than a chihuahua's. And he thinks he's never wrong Didn't you like the way he called the Reverend Billy Graham Just to prove that jews will lose and spend etern' in flammes Bush is a blithering idiot He doesn't know ass end from up He's the stupidest man ever to be a fascist front. Can't we all, get along, and bomb a few with him? Taught to early chillens, killing is a sin.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Even in the worst of times
I don't like the pendulum metaphor for political change, but using it for a second, I get this. Even when the Left is most justified and correct, the Right still offers the elevators up. The classics help me. The right praises the classics. Too much? Probably. Can you afford to miss them? Probably not. Patriotism is important. The right praises patriotism. Too much? Certainly now. Can you afford to lack it entirely? Not if you want to be succesful in this world. The really amazing thing about the early American debates is how many ideas were there, ideas we never hear anymore. The congressional record, unlike history of cliche, is written by an impartial observer.