Monday, February 10, 2014

Just in case

     Somewhere in the Spirit of Laws Montesquieu writes about a society where the single guys who had made the biggest contribution to society would get their pick of the ladies.  That's obviously impossible to organize and completely sexist, but I felt like I wanted to deserve the best, I wanted to make the single biggest contribution to humankind of my generation.

     I think, in retrospect, working on hunger would have been better.  I was too political, so I thought of tackling war.  As I've written before, first I thought, after watching the PBS Frontline episode "The Jesus Factor," that it really was a religious thing to our leaders, as it certainly was to al-Qaeda.  Then, however, investigating terrorism, Google gave me other ideas.  I'd search for Basque, and I'd get the people and the language.  I'd google Chechen, Uyghur and Tamil and get the same thing.  I learned the Pashtun, Kurds, Somali and Ruanda-rundi speakers were all carved up by the Europeans.  I learned the Caucasus mountain range was filled with small, isolated branches of a smallish, isolated language family.

     So, my contribution is found at

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