Monday, June 30, 2003

New way to conceive of the American Health System
During WWII, in lieu of wages, workers accepted health benefits, and thus the uniquely corporate American health care system was born. If you don't think someone has figured out a way to make money out of all those corporate run health programs, you are confused, many people have. The trick is to reorganize American Health Care, entirely. The answer to the question "Who can we remove first from the responsibility and hassle of medical programs for their employees?" and the answer is the small businessperson who engages in no tasks that a regular adult, responsible for a home, might do. The next "carve-out' from required employer provided health care is naturally those firms who employ one tool or space in their operations that do require worker-hazard insurance. Take the Photographer's Dark Room. It is dark, which makes it a hazardous space, there are chemicals which can cause problems in eyes. Since you can trip in a dark room and spill the chemical on your eyes, this is a combination hazard that can not be neatly carved out. If the chemical dipping process were to be made safe [?built into the wall for stability, hands through holes in plexiglass into "rubber" gloves?] then there would only be the hazard of the dark. Firms doing more than 1000/manmonths per year of employing should be asked if they think they need qualify, and if so, how long it might take them to comply. Unions, perfectly suited to understanding the danger levels of their trade around the world, are the Firms Ally at the bargaining table with Insurers. A system that seeks to provide insurance to all, or insurance to all who can't get their own, has no responsibility in terms of Site insurance or Hazard insurance. We have not yet seen the peak of medical prices. As 90% of health care costs are tied up in the last six months of life, according to one Author who spoke in Los Angeles at a Book Festival, means that adding funds will also create increased demand. Of course, these carve-outs are only one part of the whole. A lot of the rest can be found in the June, 2003 archive of this blog

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Membership of the Global Republican League
The Sovereignity of your Nation must stand Elections. Or a Plan has been Established to become Such a Nation. Or such a Plan is under development. The Membership Standing of the (latter two|lattermost) Classes Stand Constant Election by the League (Members|Republics) The Mystical Nations (Israel, Vatican City, and Iran), and any Legal Mystical Republics ahead, are Members, or Not, as a Group. Protocols for the Emissaries of Tyrants Even the Tyrant will be allowed Three Polite Persons for Each Relevant Venue during Sessions, though No Accomodation need be made for where they Sleep, and a Host (Republic|Member) must be (Named|Agreed to) After World War II the Honorable President Truman began our fight in the War without Bombs to Fight International Totalitarianism. I have millions of people to thank, especially Chomsky, for his Parsing, and Wall, for his Parser, and Mom, for the Post-Partum When Radio became available, messages could be gotten everywhere, and the League of Nations was born. With Television, the horror of reality belied the Leauge, and there was Another War, and the United Nations was born. There does not need to be a War this time.
The Democratic People's Repulic of Korea
Our Letters to Kim Jong Il, Sovereign Authority for the Democratic People's Repulic of Korea, I can't say what I know. We would have fun. Our Letter to Ourselves concerning North Korea We do not understand what we can not read, and teacher's should be trained for the Public Instruction in the Language of Korean Penninsula in greater numbers, and enough, other, Languages so we might read a message from any Sovereign in the World, at least. And a great teacher's school for teachers of Language, and their Emissaries from around the world.
There are, or at least were, Republican Party members who believe in Civilization, and desired to increase the Sensation that Our Republic is a Great Republic. Projects, such as the Roman Aqueducts or, for lack of a recent American Example, the Interstate Highway System are one Expression of this Will. Iraq is now our Great Project. Police wear Blue and drive White and mean Secuity, as Police in Iraq mean Armored Personnel Carriers and the fastest possible response to Emergency by our Armed Forces. Since Our Nation sorely Lacks such a Forcein numbers sufficient to replace our Armed Forces in Iraq, apologies will have to made, but our Armies Can Not Remain in Iraq and Not Expect Iraqis to Fight Back. The First Priority of a Victorious Republic is to Withdraw our Troops, and yet to withdraw, hastily, would do harm. For these National Republican ends, the creation of a Department of International Security, or Police Corps, and an Iraqi National Police needs to be educated and established in new Facitilies throughout al-Iraq, and Humane Prisons, as needed, built. None of this Cost can be paid by the al-Iraqi Treasury.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Affirmative Action Programs and the American Apartheid
American Slavery was ended, by Force, in 1865. The American Apartheid, codified around the decision of the Supreme Court in Plessy versus Ferguson, ended in 1964. All people raised under this system, and their living relatives, suffered. The Oppressed in known ways, the Oppressor for the Self-Disservice of discouraging Hope, and barring from Good Service its Citizenry. Our Universities should have a Plan to Phase Out Affirmative Action, and no demands to end it while an entire Generation Touched by its Evil still lives.
The issue to be addressed is the role of a Republican Government, Our Federal Republic, in providing for the General Welfare of its Citizens with in the Realm of Public Health, and other matters
Without question, issues of readily communicable diseases should be addressed for anyone legally within our borders, and leave to Treaty the handling of the Rest. These Concerns are in fact Global, therefore both Republican and International. Yet, with the onset of possible acts of infamy within our borders, there is another, more relevant, more Republican concern, our Security. The Construction of Empty Hospitals, throughout the land, in these times, is a requirement of the Concerned Republican Governments. As with the great Granaries of Iraq, in case of times of Great Want, in times of crisis, we Shall Not Want for a Great Number of Empty Hospital Beds. The Construction of Empty Facilities for the Production of Potentially Vital Medical Supplies. As the General Health is so much more assisted by Ounces of Prevention, than a Pound of Cure, distribution of Vitamins and Minerals should be widespread. As with continuously refreshing aged stockpiles of medicines [1] The Construction of Adult Universities to Keep the Minds of the the Republic Active and Refreshed, to Propagate Knowledge of Safety, Technology, and Modern Public Health is Necessary.. A Republic might see fit to supply Courses in Civic Discourse, Foreign Languages, and Home Economic Training. The Construction of Empty Shelter fulfills the promise of Natural Disaster Relief and Evacuation. Departments of Meteors, Volcanism, Fires and Lightning, a Department of Drought and Flood, a Department of Tornados, Typhoons and Storms., and a Department of Mountains, Deserts and Oceans. The Government has an interest in mandating Worker's Insurance for Hazards, and there is none in mandating Insurance for the Home Economies. This can be held to refer to those tasks any Adult might do at Home. The School Calendar Year ought to be divided into Fourths for Children and Sixths for Adults. The amount of suffering saved from Children "held back" saved, alone, makes it worth it. I believe in single-sex education for The Estate Tax, not paid by Any Living Person shall not be paid by spouse nor children. As long as they live, they can draw freely from a Trust of the Estate. All other beneficiaries, and all monies not in Excess of those funds, shall be then taxed at the Estate Tax rate. Adult Public Education, Prevententive Medicine and Humane Pill Costs combine to form, arguably, the rational foundation of a Republic's Public Health policy.. As none of these are explicitly the responsibilty of the Federal Government, to the Exclusion of Those of the States, we are presented with Urgency, and this invites the suggestion that a Program Reference be drafted, which, if adopted by any State, shall be administered through the States, as planned. A individual who is Prescribed a Medicine pays no more than the Cost, Taxes, R&D share of the Drug's Manufacture Cost. I originally said a single account, putatively filled once, was sufficient, even though my notes show I also thought of a separate Hospice account. But I see now the Promise to America's Citizens is that, the medicines they take to save their lives Should Not Kill them for Profit. Corporations that cross Soveriegn Borders necessitate Either the Unacceptable to any Republican, an International Authority to Tax, Police, and Rule Them, for no Treaty has yet been known to be Permanent. Those Members of the Armed Forces Desiring to be Trained in numerous Martial Arts, and Also of Learning to Teach Those Arts, are to be retained. Smaller numbers of Increasingly Smarter Arms are to be produced. [1] Said differently in the original draft.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

A most decrepit State in the understanding of Thinking
This is a well-known multi-dimensional map of Napoleon's March to Moscow I give 1 dimension for the width of the band (it's a little more) I give 2 dimensions for the geographic map (I have seen this with a panel above, adding the full two dimensions) The temperature is another dimension. Color can be used for more than one dimension, from two to three. Partial Dimensions came out of Fractal Algebra, invented in 1975. But many people have seen a Fractal. The next two to three dimensions can be displayed with computers in what would appear to be a cascading display of matrices of CAD drawings. Actually, with the cascading bit, that's 3-4 dimensions. But, in practice, the number of dimensions expressed this could be as few as one plus time, just as color will normally express will be less than three, unless it is color itself that is being mapped :) I have only thought of a practical example or two within six or seven dimensions that would be pleasing to the eye. $450,000,and I keep 49% of any post-use profits WARNING! All investigations are prying of one sort or another. Governments have a self-interest in keeping the prying to the interests of the Republic Security. What are ediles?
Jack Straw, Foreign Minister of the Cabinet of Anthony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Jack Straw Explains to Loyal Members of British Parliament what they, in their infinite transparency, had considered "Central" to their Decision to, as it were, join Forces with the Yanks. for Our Late, Little War Facing questions about intelligence (from David Mackinlay, MP), Jack "Stuff Do Roll Downhill" Straw actually suggested that the 1. claim about the WMD being ready in 45 minutes for strike was 2. not "central" in the minds of Member of Parliament "Forty-five minutes to death!" cries apparently are the same as the assumed "We should always be calm and deliberative" which didn't mesh with the apparent complete lack of hard evidence. Chin up, Ol' Boy, you'll be famous for years. Every child will learn to ffear those who led us to down this path of scant knowledge, anti-Republican in its form Note: George Orwell's real name was Eric Blair.
Libraries, the Internet, and Indecent Material
As Museums are for things to Gaze at... ...Words are for Libraries Simply banning Images from unapproved sites satisfies both  "unfettered access to information"  and 100% bans the most   immediately, obviously obscene   Most people could read James Joyce's Ulysses (1922) straight through and not notice anything of an ordinarily vulgariform. There will be those who conscioudly design obscene letters with containing certain terms that would lure in children looking for normal, child-things. Material that seems to satisfy those conditions should be put in a separate TLD, unavailable to children. With this post, I do commend the Supreme Court of the United States to withdraw their recent (2003) decision concerning these matters, and for them to commend to the Congress of the United States to enact appropriate internet legislation

Monday, June 23, 2003

Afghanistan and Land Mines
Everyone who cares must know that Afghanistan, a place recently on our collective minds, is a place as littered with the actual sadness of exploded landmine victims and the potential sadness of unexploded landmines It is possible to fit the front of some armored vehicles with devices which look nothing so like a snowplow, in a v-shape, like a cattleprod. In the meantime, this plows their fields. Howabout a new device, combining both the simplicity of hand-held metal detector units with the efficacy of heavy industry? Two channels in parallel, each one meter wide, are cleared, 20-40 meters apart, the machine would travel on the channels, with the detector suspended between them.
On Our Republic and the late Iraq War

     Each Republic has a duty to Consider Volunteering its Armed Forces when another Republic is attacked. When the decision to volunteer is reached, secret negotiations with other Republics should commence, and, with sufficient agreement, preparations made. I saw only the big Constitutional Monarchies with us, the Kingdoms of Spain, of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, side by side by lonely side. The Republic of Korea and the Constitutional Monarchy of Japan were there for our Cause, but, if vigor of endorsement is any test, their "Aye"s were just "Present"s until after the War's Conclusion, the same with All Nations except the United Kingdom and the Republic of Poland.

     The local governments, the Republic of Turkey, the Republican Theocracy of Iran, the Absolute Monarchies of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, nor the mystifying government of Egypt., agreed to endorse our plan. Turkey's people, almost unanimously against the War, would have likely not have stood for any other decision.

     The Parliamentary Theocratic Republic of Israel, a government whose Constitution was changed in the early 1990s to combat political corruption, and is engaged in not only enacting indignities no human should suffer, but preventing journalists or the United Nations from finding out about it, can not publicly take part. The Honorable President Ronald Wilson Reagan rightly condemned Israel when it "pre-emptively" struck the Osirik Nuclear Reactor in Iraq. In other words, the assistance of the Israeli "Republic' is little endorsement indeed (whose troops can't fight, for fear of making our putative enemies Enraged!)

     Among our neighbors, neither the Republic of Mexico nor the Constitutional Monarchy of Canada could be convinced of the danger to Regional or World Peace, sometime strategy of Republics in Concert.

     In General, we should also Consider Volunteering protect Constitutional Monarchies from more terrible forms of Government, as we should protect Absolute Monarchs from the Tyrant, as the Honorable President George Herbert Walker Bush did in with regards to the Emireate of Kuwait and the Tyrant of Iraq.

     No leader,in the entire coalition of 41, except Iceland's, faced elections for more than a year from the first day of this war, and Iceland's Prime Minister was toppled.

     With the idea to have the Senate Censure the President, for violating Republican Principles, and to have the House prevent further warring by the Honorable President George Walker Bush, without proving the case of the need for the war, with its power of the purse, if need be, I do commend this post.

     Thank you all.