Sunday, March 28, 2004

Remain Calm Exclusive? Report
Examine Benador Associates, run by Eleana Benador. She has most of the biggest major league liars of the Iraq war working in her lineup, the booking agent of evil-doers. AM Haig, R Perle, C Krauthammer, J Woolsey, R Pipes, and a full lineup of Middle Eastern expatriates. It's a pretty select group. The problem with the scenario is that Benador is no one. She doesn't register. Her whole existence is that she manages the biggest stable of neo-con stars outside of government, and she is a nobody. How did this person become so powerful? Imagine Richard Perle is one good client of hers. Did someone simply use their rolodex to lure people to Eleana? Does she have great rates or something? Articles say she believes in her speakers, and that can help make a great salesperson. Was the KKK a government organization? No. But some government officials then, and ex-government officials, undoubtedly took part. I guess the most rational way to look at it is to say that these independent operators, with a massive rolodex, conjured up goals they thought good for Israel (as scaring and killing blacks was considered good for "the South"), i.e. taking out Middle Eastern despots. Did any official, in an official capacity, give a wink and a nod to the proceedings? I have no idea who would ever tell me so I could find out. Now, Strauss describes, quiet attractively, in The City And Man, a world where there are no tyrants, but like any hocus-pocus-meister, there was no action plan attached. But Benador Associates were just an adjunct to this whole miasma, a bit part. But for the public, they were the "un"-official show to match the "official" (administration) version.

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