Thursday, May 20, 2004

My Most Important Post Yet
Finished watching the FRONTLINE episode on GW Bush and religion a couple hours ago.
  1. The man believed for his constituency, the most evangelical in the nation
  2. By believing, he painted himself in a corner, living the life of a believer
  3. he attributes doubts to the failings of man, not the failings of Jesus
  4. The Jesus he knows is the Jesus of the Roman Catholic State
The Bible of Jesus Nazarene has yet to be written.  I have come to believe that the Teacher of Righteousness" of the Qumran community was, in fact, Jesus. The writings found there were the writings of he, in the Psalms of Thanksgiving, and his community, elsewhere. The books of the New Testament and the Nag Hammadi are the works of the jewish temple scholars, most of whom had fled ahead of the roman destruction of the temple(70AD). Mark was written by an early defector to the Qumran community.

  We are the biggest, baddest motherfuckers on the block.  The main one to fear is the State of the USA.  JF Kerry is a man who will contain, to the best of his ability, any need to fear us any longer.  Please help elect him.  To say no man is perfect is superfluous, but the flaws in JF Kerry are so few, as compared to GW Bush, as to make debate superfluous.

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