Sunday, February 01, 2009

Furthering My Thoughts on Health Care in a Republic

     Democrats tend to be for federal government health care, I am not.  I am not because I have a step-brother (Hi!) who likes Motocross.  I'm sure I'd like flying through the air on a motorbike, but he's broken 11 bones doing this, including a couple that kept him in the hospital for weeks.  Why should you or I pay for those hospital visits?  If everyone was covered, wouldn't they take even more risks?

     Republicans tend to be against illegal immigrants, I am not for limiting federal health care to citizens, and, where it should exist (rather, where I think it should exist) it should be extended to illegal immigrants.

     If an illegal immigrant works at a restaurant you visit, and happens to have Typhus, Ebola or any other communicable disease, you would rather have them go to the doctor and get fixed up rather than infect you.  The insight that came to me a few minutes ago is that the home government should pick up a share of the cost, and vice versa.  What about sexually transmitted diseases, which are communicable?  I believe we all hope an illegal immigrant who falls in love with our daughter (and vice-versa) would not be afraid of seeing a doctor to have themselves treated, or at least made aware of, sexually transmitted diseases they might have. 

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