Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Aliens aren't Christians

     I've never met an alien, but I can tell you one thing about any and all aliens who arrive here on the planet.

     They are not going to be Christians.  They are not going to be Muslims.  They are not going to be Hindus.  They are not going to be Buddhists.  They are not going to be part of any religion that has something from Earth in it.

     They are not going to be Quakers.  But we can hope that's not too far off.

     They might be animists, and worship the natural, physical world.  Hmmm.  Maybe our move is to become animists, in case they are animists, because our piety might then be used as a defense.

     Similarly, they might be like Taoists, and worship an energy beyond science.  If we make a big deal about our planet's energy, they might think there is some reason for it.

     The other thing to know, about any aliens that might arrive, other than their complete lack of adherence to any Earthbound religion, is that they are going to be more technologically advanced than us. So, whatever ideas they have probably start at an advantage. Perhaps it will come down to both sides pulling out their collection of Zen-like koans, to see who has the best set.

     But there is simply and absolutely no way they worship a guy, like Yeshua ben Yosef, born on Earth.  I suppose it is possible that, in their religion, their deity manifested itself similarly, and so Jesus, and their guy, might be accepted as half-brothers.