Thursday, August 29, 2013


     Between nothing and war lie options.

     One option might have multiple uses, and still have uses if a military option becomes the only option.

     One such option might be to set up a large media source, near SY, and lend it to the rebel voices to broadcast. Benefits during operation include:

  • Allows Syrian people, and foreigners, to get to know rebels
    • for future elections
    • to know if they might want to support them
    • words, pictures, and moving pictures can be recorded of rebels while they stay in the field
  • Improves news access for the Syrian people, which have no press freedom.
  • Improves propaganda outlet for group supplying infrastructure
    • VOA: Arabic during downtime

     If later, war becomes impossible to avoid,
  • More uses for rallying messages of whichever side we like

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