Thursday, August 26, 2004

Fascist C-SPAN
Do you watch it?  Stop.  Listen to Air America Radio instead.  And, if you get it, watch News World International.

Pathetically, to understand what is going on in America, you have to become a C-SPAN junkie.  C-SPAN hosts, unapologetically, every scumbag motherfucking liar that ever assured the American public that Saddam's WMD were a "continuing threat."  Every douchebag, like Thomas Friedman or David Brooks, can be assured a regular spot in front of America's poltically savvy.  C-SPAN covers entire press conferences while newspapers just quote snippets.  It's the horse's mouth.  However, since the horse, in this case, is a Messianic Fascist Oilocrat, you will instantly get sick.  Make sure to use the internet to investigate everything you hear on C-SPAN with which you are unfamiliar.  It took me two years to get a handle on the whole thing, and I think I started out fairly well armed.

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