Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Coverage of Zimbabwe is Really Starting to Tick Me Off

Today C-SPAN's Washington Journal hosted Patrick Merloe and the topic was Zimbabwe.  Merloe brought up the fact that 80 people against Mugabe have been killed this year.  Why, that's about the same number as Colombia killed a couple years ago, and with them America asks for a free trade agreement!  The election was a sham.  Why, everyone in America would have supported the EU, Russia and China deciding the 2000 election was a sham, and putting sanctions on us, right, Americans?  Mugabe is a dictator.  America is friends with loads of dictators, officially helping to increase the military power of some of them.  People in Zimbabwe are starving to death.  Have I seen _one_ television news story about people starving to death in Ethiopia?  There it is getting nearly as bad as the early 1980s.  How about video coverage of any of the numerous food riots happening around the globe this year?& nbsp; Of course not.

Whatever the reason, the American press corps has decided to try to use its power to push Yet Another small country around.  Maybe we should put sanctions on China, because they don't even have elections.  Or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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