Saturday, September 06, 2008

More Palin Family Vindictiveness

Palin's biggest scandal so far has been firing someone who wouldn't fire the man who spurned her sister.

Apparently, this sort of personal vindictiveness is not a one time thing with the Governor of Alaska.  This article, from the crypto-right-wing Politico website says Palin cuts off people who displease her:
Palin has unceremoniously ended relationships with an aide who was dating a family friend's soon-to-be ex-wife, a campaign adviser whose mother-in-law fought Palin's legislative agenda, a local political mentor who she felt represented the "old boys' network," a police chief who she said tried to intimidate her with "stern look[s.]"
Now, I do this to some degree.  I have a billion people to choose from for friends, 10,000,000 in the city alone, so if someone repeatedly acts daft, I just stop talking to them... but that is not how someone behaves on the job.

This inability to distinguish between the personal and the professional sounds relatively unimportant... but what about foreign policy?  Will she cut off Germany if they disagree over Creationism?  Will she alienate Japan because they are not Christians? 

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