Monday, March 09, 2009

New Wars, New Lies

     Just how immoral is CNN? Kitty Pilgrim just did a segment for the Lou Dobbs show on Obama not answering "threats" to America. 

     The first issue was Iran.  The simple fact is that there are enough processed uranium molecules in Iran to build a nuclear bomb.  Let's put aside that America is violating its NNPT obligations.  The simple facts that Dobbs/Pilgrim avoid, showing their lack of morals, are
  • All the uranium is under IAEA watch, none of uranium Mullen was talking about is a secret to the IAEA.
  • All the uranium in question is enriched below the 5% level.  It takes more than 95% enriched uranium to use in a bomb, and there is not ONE IOTA of evidence that Iran has ONE ATOM of uranium enriched to that level.  Nor could they enrich it to 95% without the IAEA knowing about it, or throwing the IAEA out.
Are Lou Dobbs and Kitty Pilgrim enemies of humankind?  This is patently clear.  The other two stories include the US warship searching for Chinese subs in being "harassed."  The military claims the Chinese were boating recklessly, "forcing" the US Navy ship to maneuver to avoid collision.  What exactly happened?  If the military doesn't have satellite footage of the incident, they aren't doing their jobs.  Until then, PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.  Pilgrim/Dobbs had the word "AGGRESSIVE" in huge letters plastered across the screen.  What's a dumb person to think?  The third of three was about a North Korean missile test and a provocative statement made by the North Koreans.  Holy Crap!  Read the North Korean newswire ( for a while, folks, they never STOP saying batshit crazy stuff.  I dare you.  Go to any random day in their news archive, and there will be a story about uniting to defeat America and reuniting Korea.

     Remember, the whole point of this piece was to claim that Obama was being a weakling, and to bully the American government into getting more aggressive. 

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