Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The United States Assembly
To consider A third body of the US Congress, an United States Assembly. The ideal number of representatives of a population of 291,650 ,000 is about 17, 078 (the square root of population) (it's math, maybe I misunderstood. It relates to strength of the voter and strength of the assembly. Square root maximizes both) The Constitutional maximum (Art I Sec 2) is population divided by 30,000, or 9721. It should be population over thirty thousand as long as the American population is below, get this, 900,000,000 people. No pay. No authority. Meeting by Internet. It is a form of permanent popular referendum, but classier. It is a popular body that is more proper than polls. Ekections each two years. If a bill passes out of hte Assembly, two year cycle after two year cycle, the upper Houses should consider it, now shouldn't they? No one who does not volunteer their name will appear on the ballot. People over 24 who live in the Congressional District are eligible. 22 are elected per Congressional District. It is entirely Aristocratic-Republican, but it, being the largest body, with the least requirements (24 versus 25 for the U.S. House) it will be the most Democratic. It is a great potential proving ground for future United States House Members (i.e. A person could spend 6 years in the Assembly and 4 in the House before running for the U. S. Senate. It is better than any poll, and the members of the upper two Houses can propse any motion, the Chair of the Assembly will dispose of all motions. The rules of an Internet Assembly must be different than that for a regular Assembly. Motions can not be accepted and ruled upon in the strictly linear fashion that they might in a real-space Assembly. I know many of the other rules. The speaker will have power to control the debate, buit there will be a form of discharge petition. The two leaders for and against the debate can be joined by other factions, can agree on points to further debate, control which of their members peices will join their argument, will control which amendments from their caucus reach the chair. A regular motion can admit a new leader in a debate. The speaker is "attending" to only one debate at a time. If a debate has a quorum, it could "call the chair" Bribing large numbers of these reps will be difficult to conceal. The district is divided by computer algorithm, beginning at a point on the border as directed by the nortthernmost, westernmost GRS-84 point in the distict.

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