Thursday, July 31, 2003

WMD Update, Jul 31, 2003
David Kay, inveterate liar, is going to "update" Congress in a closed-door session of Congress, about the hunt for WMD, after he privately breifs the President. The last thing we would want would be an OPEN PROCESS of exploring WMD claims. It is critical to protect jobs to keep this stuff secret. We want to grow the economy, and grow jobs, and WMD are bad for them. David Kay is so full of it he should probably be tried along with Richard Butler, Ahmed Chalabi, and Said? Al-Hadeiri for falsely bringing Our Nation to war. PresBush: Watcha got for me? DavidKayInspectors: Good Morning, Mr. President. Thank you for hosting this chat today. PresBush: Enough small talk, Do you have the bombs, or am I going to have to find a way to fake 12 year old Iraqi technology with my brand new Microsoft Windows, which I know it can do, but enough about my pal Bill Gates. PresBush: Sorry, DKI, Rove had the keyboard. DavidKayInspectors: It's OK, Mr. President PresBush: WHAT HAVE YOU GOT?. DavidKayInspectors: I have strong hunches there are things we are missing. PresBush: OK, meeting over. Remember that. Strong indications that WMD around the corner....

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