Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Injury and an Itinerary

A tendon is sorely hurt, a week after I stopped exercising it. Will probably take two more weeks before I can exercise it again. Hey, at least it hurts, and I have both arms. Owie!

So, someone recommended I attend the annual World History Association conference. Which, with a complete disregard for my finances, they are placing in London, rather than New York. Would cost around $3000.  What would that make me, a historian?  My idea has plenty to do with what is going on this very day, all around the world.  That's security studies, or, as I like to put it, currency (wink, current not historic).

In sadder news, I found myself de-friending two people on Facebook.  They were constantly posting sad or disgusting things to my profile page.  Sad as in, they won't grow up.  Disgusting as in X-rated photos of obese people.  I'm sure these two women send these meaningless drivel posts to _all_ their facebook "friends," but that just makes it worse.

It's sad because the same kind of thing that makes one popular or successful in politics is the kind of thing that ups the number of your facebook friends, and I don't have it.

I'm thinking of going to bartending school.

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