Saturday, May 31, 2008

McCain Says Obama Hasn't Been to Iraq in over 873 Days! (Update 1)

Gosh, that McCain sure knows a lot!  Over 873 days he says!  Well, McCain is a big, tough, manly-man and has been to Iraq much more recently than that.  But I think there is a huge lesson here for all Americans!

The reason why America lost World War II was that the liberal Democrat and commie-coddling Franklin Delano Roosevelt, typical of his entire Democratic, scaredy-cat ilk, never went to Europe or the Pacific to find out if his plans were "succeeding."

FDR couldn't look anyone in the eye and say things were "succeeding" because he simply didn't know.  He might as well have been in a dark room.  Compare that to manly-man John "I went to Iraq" McCain, who says "I can look you in the eye and tell you [the surge] it's succeeding"

And that's why I'll never vote for a Democrat.

This post based on a comment I made at WIIIAI

UPDATE: Dwight David Eisenhower never went to Korea before he was elected President, even though the Korean War was going on!.  John McCain sure could have shown that poser a thing or two!

From the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum website:
One of the dramatic points of the 1952 presidential campaign came on October 24 in Detroit when Eisenhower announced that, immediately after his election, he would "forgo the diversions of politics and concentrate on the job of ending the Korean war....That job requires a personal trip to Korea. I shall make that trip. Only in that way could I learn how best to serve the American people in the cause of peace. I shall go to Korea."

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