Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NewsBusters Bans Me

     They'd been threatening for a while. I think it was a combination of things. Quoting scripture to them probably irked them to no end. I think some of the people believed I was lying about being a Marine. I know I pissed off one of the authors who had the gall to deny that Republican lawyers tried to block military ballots in Florida in 2000. Because I am banned, I'll never get to school the 'tard.

     NewsBusters is run by some hard-core partisan Republicans, but the reasons to focus on them are serious.  One) They are listed in news.google.com! This website breaks news? I never saw it. Total media criticism (some little of which is actually fair).  Two) They only have a reasonable number of commenters.  You can interact, in real time (if you are kinda fast), and people might be rude (they were vile, folks, you must have a very, thick skin) but at least there are some people who try to rebut you (and generally fail).

     Oh well, Newsbusters, I was a criminal to the Democratic Party to feed you any good tidbits.  I tried to temper your Reagan worship by pointing out he funded Pol Pot.  I tried to temper your horrid grasp of the facts.

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