Monday, November 17, 2008

This is all true.

     This is, as best as I can recollect, a transcript of a conversation I had earlier this evening.

     While eating, I heard people talk about terrorism. It turns out they were talking about the NYC real estate market, one of them, rationally, calling terrorism an "X factor."
Well, it turns out the Taleban problem is co-extensive* with the Pushtun** tribesmen. And as stupid and primitive as it is, these people have a code.
First, it's hospitality.  If you <indicating to the guy talking about terrorism> were to show up on their door, they'd have to take you in.
... at least for three days.  Second, is vengeance.  Every time we blow up one of these wedding parties, they are duty bound to seek vengeance.  Third, I forget third.  Oh yeah, third is taunting.  You have to taunt whoever hasn't killed the person they were supposed to seek vengeance on.  And fourth is forgiveness.  If you show up at their house with a goat
<more laughter>
Yeah, a goat, they pretty much have to forgive you.
So, I figure, 25 million goats and the problem is solved.  It might be a little embarassing to have to pay to apologize for things, and there would undoubtedly be a few holdouts... but basically PROBLEM SOLVED!
*) Not sure I used that word, but I got to the point none-the-less.
**) Turns out Pathan is an Indian corruption of the word Pakhtan or Pashtun, both of which are in the singular.  Pashtana or Pakhtani is the nice way to refer to these folks.

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