Sunday, June 27, 2004

Ireland and Rwanda
For the last few weeks I have been explaining the real roots of terrorism and how to fight it.
Ireland should be in the table below, I'll enter it later.  I would not be surprised to learn, as is asserted in some places, that the roots of Irish and Welsh are not from the Germanic branch of Indo-European, and not Indo-European at all

Rwanda must be brought up because it is the only example on the African continent of a country whose borders roughly match a single language.  A bunch of racists in America, all Americans in the media, called the Hutu-Tutsi conflict "ethnic."  They were speaking out their asses.  There is no such thing as an ethnic Hutu or Tutsi.  It's all a colonial legacy from when the Belgians ruled Rwanda.

In other words, the Rwanda crisis, like the terrorist problem defined below, is, in fact, a legacy of imperialism/colonialism.

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