Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Truth About Jesus
The Kingdom of Judah, on the south east coast of the Mediterannean Sea, existed for a couple hundred years around three thousand years ago.  The rulers put themselves, and their descendants, in charge, forevermore.  The Syrians, the Assyrians conquered them.  The Persians, the Iranians, having the greatest kingdom the world had ever yet known, who conquered the Assyrians, set up their children, to rule over them all, forevermore.  The Iranians nee Persians let the Jews follow their own religion, and have their own priests of it, as every tribe had a religion, and they were all different.  Then Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire, but quickly died, and his Generals created separate countries.  And Jerusalem was sacked, and the Jews were robbed and killed.  The Hasmoneans, the Maccabee family, led a revolt against the Syrian nee Assyrian, Iranian nee Persian peoples and were victorious. Having restored the Judan Kingdom, the Kingdom of Judah, the Maccabees decided they should rule it.  The priestly class from days of Persian rule, to wit, the collaborationist government, insisted it was in charge, because it held the true blood lines, just as their book said, and after all, they had all the scribes and scholars behind them, and became an internal opposition  The central book, or laws, of this ancient Judan Kingdom, which, after all, now had been restored is called Tanakh, or Old Testament.  No matter, said the Maccabees, we shall put ourselves in charge of both branches.  Under the two branch theory of government there are, representing the interests of God and Man, respectively, the Clergy and the Royalty, or, the Priests and the Kings.

The Maccabee family put itself in charge of both branches, and arranged to have it managed by heredity, so all of their children would be in charge, forevermore, and the priests are called Pharisees.  There was infighting, assassination, pillage, rape, massed forces religious conversions.  Worthless, undeserving grand children and great grand children began weilding their influences.  So, an enterprising person noticed this weak state, on the border of the expanding Roman empire, and convinced the Romans to lend them some troops and conquer this land in the name of Rome, to annex, to invade and keep the peace, and leave him in charge, and he, Antipater, could leave his children to rule, after that, forevermore.

By the time Yehoshua ben-Yosef, aka Jesus, was born, everyone with power exercised it because some distant relative had, for example in Rome a relative of Gaius Julius Caesar was now sole Emperor, and GJ Caesar had gotten his power from his uncle, Marius, who had been among the richest people, with his own private army.  

What is family values?  A $300,000.00 dollar unsecured loan from an uncle?  An army from an uncle?  Is it the ancient's philosophy of bloodlines, hereditary rule, and monarchy?

Am I saying they should have said nothing, because they did not know the truth?  Is it even reasonable to ever expect people to shut up about what they don't know about?  It would certainly imply infallability on the part of anyone who tried to lay down the law deciding what could and couldn't be said or written.  THE ANSWER, of course, is to increase efforts to dig up new sources.

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