Friday, June 11, 2004

The Solution to the Problem of International Terrorism

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   To pull up terrorism by the roots, we must know those roots.  Terrorism has three roots, injustice, phantom injustice, and insanity.  Thankfully the insane ones have an impossible time relating their insanity, but even one person can wield considerable life-threatening power nowadays, a la Ted Kaczinski.  Phantom injustice can easily be defeated with truth, but people don't always want to hear the truth, or might not trust the source.
  Instead of discussing categories of terrorists, I shall discuss actual terrorists, since the current incarnation of terrorism can not be solved until it is understood from all angles, in general and in particular.

  First, we shall focus on some of the world's largest nations internal terrorism problems, then pull the focus back, to show that their problems are, in fact, precisely analagous to our own.  Of less interest to the powers that be are why these problems exist today, so maybe you should just try a flurry of guesses.
NOTE: Not being a linguist myself, and understanding that the field is in flux, I sometimes link to information that will disagree with other linked information.  I can't say which is right, I don't know who can. is fairly complete, so I regularly referred to it (Logue).  List of source web pages, giving full contexts, at end, and later.

  Terrorism Languages Maps Trees Random
China Uyghur (*)
One, Two, Three
Chinese: One, Two, Three Logue, Humphries Word Comparison  
Uyghur: One, Two,, Three? Logue Uyghur History, Historical Map, Learn More
Russia Chechen (*)
One, Two, Three
Russian: Indo-Euro, Slavic, Slavic2 Logue  
Chechen: One, Two, Three Logue, Humphries  
India Tamil Tigers
One, Two, Three
Indic: Indo-Euro, Indo-Iran, India Logue, Creighton, Comparing Languages, Ignore Religion
Dravidian: One, Two, Three Logue  
Spain Basque Separatist (*)
One, Two, Three
Spanish: Indo-Euro, Romance, Romance2 Logue  
Basque: One, Two, Three Logue ETA Demands
(*) indicates alleged al-Qaeda connection I know about.
I found this page to be one of the best overall web pages on the topic, in English.  Unfortunately it is missing some maps, having split Indo-European into four parts, and only mapping three, for example.
I-E Global Map

  Easy then, I hope, it is to see how this parallels with the tension between the English and Arabic speaking worlds.

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