Thursday, March 30, 2006

Courtesy of: Whatever It Is, I'm Against It

"I happen to believe free markets eventually yield free societies. One of the most -- one of the most pure forms of democracy is the marketplace"

     The Cold War, the conflict between the USA and the USSR from 1947 to roughly 1991, is the source of some major confusion.  Capitalism did not win, Communism did not lose.  What won was self-determination, the Aristocratic-Republican form of government over the dictatorship.  The idea that Americans were motivated for widely , while many Soviet citizens were motivated by fear.  We didn't win because we had more money.  We didn't win because of the totally fraudulent (to this very day) Star Wars defense system.  Maybe our success had a lot to do with the fact that our sphere was larger (more than half the world versus less than half).  But maybe our side was larger because, in the abstract, America stood for the better stuff.

     What should this be called, since I see it so often: the cold war confusion, the myth of the triumph of capitalism, the plutocrat's fantasy?

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