Friday, March 03, 2006

Education: Appealing to the Enemy

     Libertarians, as a general rule, want to end public education.  They have no end of invective for the institutions which brought America to where it is today.  Where will society go from now?

     Women's liberation, as it relates to economic opportunity in the job market (still imperfect, but far better), meant that brilliant women are not forced into nursing and teaching.  Nursing and teaching suffer for that lack.

     If the prevailing wage for teachers is below the median wage, society will generally fall.  In addition, there are certain social stigmas against teachers, which would suggest that to acheive a middling (level) social result from education, the prevailing wage would have to be higher than average.

     The spirit of education is central to any popular government.  Each citizen can be a voter or a juror.  This argument is designed to appeal to the libertarian-minded faction of the anti-intellectual party.

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