Saturday, March 25, 2006

War Mongering Jesus Freaks,
or, the Lesson of the Iraq War

     The UN sanctions and inspections regimes can work.

     No one can say for sure what Saddam would have done, with US troops heading straight for Baghdad, had Iraq actually had WMD.  Past that, let's say our ill-conceived regicidal "decapitation attack" in the first hours of the war had actually worked; would the remaining ranking military officers also restrain their hands, and not launch chem or bio weapons against the United States troops?

     I've mentioned it before, but fascist President Bush never has, that the United Nations deserves our thanks!  Bush has never mentioned it.  Bush has never (to the best of anyone's knowledge) saved US troops from a WMD attack, but the United Nations seemingly has.

     This is relevant in the context of Iran.  Yesterday a senior Russian official said, according to the Washington Post, "Iran's activities simply highlight the need to support U.N. inspectors' efforts to assess the country's nuclear intentions, not to threaten sanctions."  Meanwhile, the incompetent zealots over at BushCo obviously still haven't learned the lesson of the Iraq War.

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