Monday, August 18, 2008

McCain Speaks before VFW

Let's put aside the belligerent ignorance on display when he pledged to preserve democracy in the ex-Soviet states.  McCain just looks retarded when he says stuff like this:
I pledge to you that, as President, I will lead from the front to reform our VA system and make sure that veterans receive the respect and care that they have earned. The Walter Reed scandal was a disgrace unworthy of this nation and I intend to make sure that nothing like it is ever repeated.
While, today it was revealed that soldiers were ordered not to reveal disgusting conditions in medical barracks set up after the Walter Reed scandal.  I guess John McCain was waiting till he had some power before he actually showed much concern about Veterans.  Of course, the fall down on the job "non-confrontational" media will never mention this, or the rest of John McCain's voting record on Veteran's issues.

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