Sunday, August 17, 2008

So Called Liberal Media Loves to Call Obama un-American

Memos have been leaked from the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the only one the "so called journalists" (like Howard Kurtz, Reliable Sources) care to mention on television is ONE memo whose strategy was NOT adopted.  Mark Penn wanted to call Obama un-American, to emphasize his foreign-ness and emphasize he wasn't born and raised in Iowa (McCain was born in Panama).

The media wants to say things, but the major players can't come right out and say awful things.  Russia Today can't really call Saakashvili "the new Hitler" but they can find useful idiots who will say it, and run that interview, over and over.  The message comes across rather similarly.  This is obviously the case throughout journalism, and therefore it doesn't take much imagination to figure out why CNN and others are pointing to ONE, UNUSED leaked memo, over and over, to the exclusion of anything else the leaked Clinton memos might say.

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