Friday, August 08, 2008

Russia Today Chiron Repeats, Over and Over...


Again, this Peter Lavelle character on Russia Today, an American by birth, is an amazing retard.  Did any Russian planes bomb areas outside of South Ossetia, in Georgia proper?  He couldn't know, neither do I.  But after Saakashvili says it, Lavelle says he's never heard such "bald-faced lies" from any leader ever, that he can't believe CNN, which he calls propaganda (I'm not saying it isn't, but it is a more restrained propaganda outfit than Russia Today!).  Strictly speaking, Lavelle calls Saakashvili a liar but couldn't possibly know the truth himself.

New RT reported death toll at 1400.  RT claiming war atrocities being committed by Georgians (executing wounded Russians).  Russian Foreign Minister claims Georgia is engaging in ethnic cleansing.  The FM is not saying "we've heard reports" but he is saying it is happening.  He couldn't possibly know.

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