Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saakashvili REALLY stretching things now

I start out unsympathetic to Saakashvili.  I consider him, perhaps incorrectly, the aggressor in the current conflict.  Saakashvili is on CNN saying that no one should appease Russia, that America never appeased anyone.  He's saying that the closest parallel is Czechoslovakia before WWII, where "10 of millions people died." 

For the last 8 hours, although Saakashvili has said the Russians were still in Georgia, there are no verified reports of the same.  You all remember, just a few days ago, when the Georgian Foreign Minister was saying the Russians were in Gori, but a Reuter's reporter, in Gori, looking around, said the city was deserted, and no one was there?

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