Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogging Mechanics

     Until yesterday I didn't have my system set up so I could use the TV and computer at the same time.  Fixing this, I hope it means increased blogging. 

     Yesterday an old woman asked for my hand, I gave it to her, and she took a step off the curb.  Kinda like 1% of helping her across the road, but it is all she was asking for.

     I never blogged about my life here.  I went to Israel, Egypt and Jordan for two months, never mentioned it.  I was on an archaeological dig.  I went to Perth, Western Australia, for three weeks, never mentioned it.  I went to talk to some nano-technologists but ended up mostly hanging out with some political radicals.  I started a new job a few weeks ago, and lost over 20 pounds between January and August of this year, but probably have gained back 5-10 since I started the new job.  I had a membership at NYC's swankiest gym, but I can't get there from here, and there is a different gym across the street, so I will be starting there as soon as my second paycheck comes in.

     Oh, and I hung out with an old college friend, now mother of two, and her husband, kids, and her friends, most of whom had kids (ages 2-6).  We spent the night sitting around a fire (in Weehawken, NJ) and I spent the night and the next day five parents, five kids and myself went to the Central Park Zoo.  It was killing a day, but I don't feel so bad.  I worked hard for the right to kill as many days as I want.

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