Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palin and the Alaskan Ethics Law

Papers are repeating one of the responses of Palin's lawyer, Van Flein to the charge that she abused her power as governor in the Troopergate matter.  "Here, there is no accusation, no finding and no facts that money or financial gain to the Governor was involved in the decision to remove Monegan," the governor's attorney says. "There can be no ethics violations under these circumstances."
Sec. 39.52.120. Misuse of official position.
   (b) A public officer may not
     (4) take or withhold official action in order to affect a matter in which the public officer has a personal or financial interest;
     (5) attempt to benefit a personal or financial interest through coercion of a subordinate or require another public officer to perform services for the private benefit of the public officer at any time;
(empahasis added)

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