Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Is The Bestestest, D'uh!

     From the most recent Palin interview, she shows how much of a normal person she really is, average, even.

     "Sarah Palin says she doesn't know why most women don't support her candidacy or why others believe she is unqualified to be vice president, but she says that makes her determined to keep fighting."

     "I truly believe that the wisdom of the people will be revealed that day, when they elect Barack Obama." I may have added that last bit.


     "I was disappointed that my kids had to see that," referring to vulgar t-shirts. Personally, I am dissapointed she uses minors as campaign props.

     "She said questions about her wardrobe and whether she could be vice president and raise a family at the same time were questions never asked of male candidates." She obviously missed the f*cktard Tim Russert (Nick Denton over at Gawker thinks Tim Russert was a great journalist, which is why Never go there anymore) ask John Edwards about his $400 haircut. And as for family rearing, she is running saying that she is a "normal" person, and running on the team that generally supports stay-at-home Moms and the "traditional" family.

     She says " that final, hard-as-glass ceiling must be broken." which suggests she doesn't know what "glass ceiling" means.

     "Palin was equally at a loss to explain why people, including several prominent Republicans, such as former Secretary of State Colin Powell, claim she is unqualified to be vice president." She was, however, completely sure that Obama was a Socialist with dubious Xian credentials.

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