Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interjection: The Mob Mentality of the Republicans

A lot of left-wing TV journalists are making a lot of this.  After Bush/Cheney was elected in 2000, weren't a lot people calling them fascists?  Nazis, even?  Isn't Adolph Hitler one person that a lot of people agree _should_ have been killed, even though, at one point, he was the elected leader of his country?

The last time the Democrats won the Presidency it was 1996, the year Fox News was born.  Thankfully now we have Rachel Maddow.

A few notes about Alfred E. Smith, losing Democratic Presidential candidate in 1928.  Between James Buchanan in 1856 and FDR in 1932, a span of 76 years, only two Democrats were elected President*, Stephen Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson.  Al Smith, from DUMBO+ in Brooklyn, was the last of the losing Democrats.  In Florida they handed out pictures of the Holland(?) Tunnel under construction and the caption read "Straight to Rome!".  He thought FDR was a lightweight.  He, along with 1924 Democratic Presidential loser John W. Davis, were leaders in the American Liberty League, heavily funded by corporate interests to work against the New Deal. 

[*] Andrew Johnson had been a Democrat, but was only elected Vice-President.
[+] DUMBO stands for "Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass"

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